Everybody wants to be fit and fine, but only a few take the extra mile to lose fat. There are several ways to keep slim and trim. Some of them are tried and tested methods, while others are innovative diet plans that were never heard of in the past. Let us discuss some of them here.

Routine exercises are definitely going to help. If you need to know how to lose belly fat, then you need to do what is necessary to lose more calories than consumed. Exercise keeps metabolism higher and a healthy muscle tissue is eight times more effective than a fatty one. Exercises should be varied regularly otherwise, the body will get used to them. Routine exercises should be complemented with good diet plan. However, remember, unless you bring in discipline, it will all amount to nothing. Your exercise should be a proper combination of healthy sets for complete body workout.

Assist exercises with some good healthy diet plan. Consume low-fat food. Proteins need a lot of energy to digest. Thus, if you eat protein-rich diet, body fat would automatically be burned to metabolize it. Oily foods are difficult to digest, but they are rich in fat. At most, 1500 calories a day is more than sufficient to keep you living healthy. If you keep gaining more calories than you are burning in the routine exercises, then you will not lose fat.

The simple principle of burning more calories than the ones consumed goes a long way. Negative calorie foods can help do that. These foods require more energy to digest than the calories they to the body. Cabbage, broccoli, spinach, apple, peach, papaya, are some of the negative calorie foods. These should be consumed in addition to a balanced diet. Do not push things too far.

Finally, distribute your meals in smaller portions, instead of eating only twice or three times a day. Eating something every three to four hours will keep you fit. Drink over 6 glasses of water everyday. Also, reduce foods that are high in fat like red meat, dairy products like full-cream milk, butter and cream. Raw vegetables not only can make a good salad but they are also rich in proteins and vitamins too.

If you are still confused, then it is better to consult a dietician and a physician instead of groping in the dark to lose fat. Avoid quick weight loss programs because losing fat quickly might hurt your metabolism and produce imbalances that might be dangerous in the long run. So, try to lose weight the natural way. You should seek to understand the pros and cons of every method before starting to practice it. Working on a proper weight loss program will reduce the side effects and help you keep fit. There are several schemes in the market that will give you a proper diet schedule and timing to reduce fat and weight.