Do you absolutely hate your job, or perhaps you don't hate it but you've been doing it forever and you feel like a change? Do you want to fire your boss, and dream of telling your boring colleagues that you have found a fantastic new career so 'so long, adios and have a good life y'all!"? Do you feel unfulfilled, unmotivated and feel that you've grown too old for the work that you are doing but you are afraid that no one is going to want to hire you? Fancy a change but, I dunno, to do what? The whole charity work thing sounds great, but, let's be serious, I do have bills to pay.

Well, I wish this was the one article that could give you all the answers. I'll tell you straight up - it ain't. But I would like to suggest some options for you.


You have probably read all about people making lots of money online, and never having to deal with a customer, a boss or a last minute powerpoint presentation ever again. Why, they even make thousands as they sit on a beach and type out their next email blast? The truth is that you can make a decent, even great living online but it will take a while. You are looking at working your butt off (or outsourcing and making other people worth their butts off!) for about a year realistically before you are replacing a decent income. Of course, there are people who have made great money in less time - but they are the exception to the rule.

Where to start? You don't need to buy any courses. I'm not saying all making money online courses are bad, not at all, but there are many different ways of making money online and it's good to try before you buy. If you like writing, you can start by writing for Infobarrel or Hubpages. This is simple but not easy. What do I mean by simple and not easy? I mean it's very easy to put together an article - start by considering a topic you know a lot about, or that you're pretty familiar with. An introduction to the big city near you would be a good start, or maybe a favorite recipe. As long as you get started and develop a writing habit. But here' s the 'not easy' part - you have to write a fair number of articles - probably in the hundreds of articles range in order to make regular income. And it's not just writing articles, there is traffic generation too. This could mean writing more articles on other websites or emailing people with high profile websites to get them to link to you. So, pretty simple stuff, but it's not going to be super easy to generate the volume you require. At the beginning, if you don't feel like spending money with outsourcing, it will probably entail way more hours than the day job before you even start to see consistent earnings. BUT, here's the thing, it will get easier and easier, and the more you write, the more traffic will start to grow and the more you can learn what works and doesn't work for you. And it means, one day, you will be able to look your boss in the eye and say 'see ya, wouldn't want to be ya'. To your freedom....