I wrote my first book and was I so excited! But people don't tell you about the consistency and the research that goes into it. But if you are writing a book be encouraged! I am with you, but here are a couple of tips to help you get that book published so you can touch people lives and sell millions of copies.

Whatever you are writing about, do your homework on the subject and be passionate about your topic. That is how you generate more pages for the book. Don't write a book for the money, write the book because you want to impact people lives. But that is my opinion on why I write books. Once you are done writing the book, start your search on publishing companies. Find a good publishing company that you feel will give you the best chance to get your book into as many outlets as possible. The heavy hitters for print on demand books are Yorkshire, Xulon, Lulu, Author House, Trafford, iUniverse and Xlibris publishing just to name a few. Some publishing companies connect you to Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Borders book stores. Of course, you get better deals with the more money you spend.

Some publishing companies give you certain packages with a front cover, back cover, ISBN number and also have you listed in the Library of Congress. Although all of these are important, the most imporatnt one to me (besides the front cover) is the editing. All publishing companies have editing in their packages too. Never put a price on editing because it's expected to have your T's crossed and I's dotted.

Write down all the questions you want to ask. Then when you are talking on the phone, as many questions as possible when talking to a rep for the printing company. Remember this is your baby.
  • Make sure you look at EVERYTHING when the company send you a demo book in the mail. Once you ok the book, then that is what will come out in bulk when you order.