It takes dedication and hard work in order to improve your speed endurance and stamina. You have to work on becoming a better runner on a constant basis. Read on to learn the best ways to improve your speed endurance and running stamina.

1. The easiest way to improve your speed endurance is by improving your running technique. This will help you conserve more energy, because you will be able to run more efficiently with improved technique as well as maintain top speeds longer. Try to focus on pushing off the balls of your feet, driving your knees high when you sprint, and on driving your elbows back powerfully while keeping your arms in tight to your body. It is also important to relax when you run and to avoid tensing your muscles when you run. This will cause your body to tighten up and ultimately run slower. Remember, Relaxed = Fast.

2. Perform high intensity training such as plyometrics and Olympic lifts anywhere from 2-4 times a week. This type of training will help your body develop and incorporate more fast twitch muscle fibers which will make you a more explosive athlete. To work the speed endurance aspect of this type of training, perform these exercises for longer bouts of time. For example, perform squat jumps or light power cleans for 30 seconds to 1 minute non-stop and then rest for 3-6 minutes. This will work your speed endurance tremendously. For step by step advice on how to perform these exercises, visit

3. Another good training tool is sprinting long meters at an all out effort. Practice sprinting 400 to 500 meters at a local track as fast as you can. This effort from sprinting 400 to 500 meters as fast as you can, will develop your speed endurance and help you run faster for a longer period of time. Try running with your friends or teammates in order to make it more competitive and to push yourself while training!

4. Make sure you are constantly in the weight room strengthening your muscles and ligaments. Its important to work your legs, hips, lower back, and upper body. The stronger these muscles are, the more resilient they will be to fatigue and injury when you are running or participating in a sport. Core training is also essential when strength training. Focus on training your hip flexors and core to be as strong, flexible, and as explosive as possible.

5. Lastly, work on your flexibility training on a daily basis. Long, limber muscles will help your body move through a more efficient manner when you are sprinting thus allowing you to sprint smoother and faster. Other key benefits of flexibility training include reducing your risk of suffering a sports related injury and helping your body recover faster in between training and weight training sessions.

In conclusion, you can improve your speed endurance and increase your running stamina for your respective sport. It just takes hard work and implementing some of the tips above. Good Luck!