Not sure what you're like but when I am sitting at lunch looking for something to do I normally hit the internet as there is no shortage on what you can do. One game that I really enjoy is War of Legends because it just seems to help time go by.

So, if you're looking for something to play let me tell you a bit about it. War of Legends is a massive multiplayer online real time strategy and it's completely free to play. Most online games are role playing game but if that isn't you thing then great, you can play this instead.

War of Legends Game

To give you a quick overview you have to build Legends who are great warriors and legends who command your armies and leed you to conquer new lands and bring back treasures. War of Legends plays like most real time strategies in that you build an empire comprising of different buildings using an assortment of resources. Your armies also comprise of different soldiers that have strengths and weaknesses against each other.

The soldiers that you can create going in order of the quickest and easiest to the strongest and most gready are Halbediers, Swordsmen, Archers and Charioteers. Archers are cool because they have a special ability that allow them to attack first thus giving you the chance to clear out your enemy before they even get to your front door.

War of Legends PvP

To build your armies you have to gather resources for example crops and they are gathered from outside your palace. You start with Halbediers and they don't take long to build but say for example you want to build Archers you will need a lot of wood and food. You can gather resources but as your troops grow you will need more of them.

War of Legends allows you access to more resources however you have to fight your way to them. In order to increase the land that you own you have to take a trip into the Wildlands. Don't worry though, I know that when you play these online games people always think that some high level player will come around and beat you to a pulp but the Wildlands are level controlled.

Before you go out to them though you can spend some time sending in spies which help you to determine what sort of armies you require. Should you send in the correct troops you should win the fight and the land will become yours. This allows you to gather more resources and if you look hard enough you will find untold treasures.

Should you decide to play this classic, once you get to the War of Legends login page it couldn't be easier and you will be playing in no time at all.