War of Mercenaries is a Facebook empire building game similar to Kixeye's Backyard Monsters. Players have a base that they need to develop to fight other Facebook players. The game has three basic resources including wood, iron, and stone. There's an iron smelter, stone grinder and lumber blade which you need to get your resources. There's also another resource called might which you need to produce in the game. It takes game time until these are full. Players can recruit mercenaries in the hiring quarters and then the units are stored in the barracks. The game features a map where you can attack other Facebook players.

Base Building

Like many Facebook games there's a great deal of initial base building. You need resources, barracks, and defenses before you can begin fighting other players.

  • Recruitment Chamber -With a recruitment chamber you'll be able to recruit new mercenaries.
  • Hiring Quarters - Where you build your units.
  • Mercenary Barracks - Holds Your Units.
  • Catapult - Huge weapon for destroying bases.
  • Training Chamber - Change the stats of your units.
  • City Planner -use this building to outline your base and see a bird’s eye view of your base.
  • Guillotine - Removes the units you don't want.
  • Central Hiring - Controls the hiring of your units making them easier to manage.
  • Best Cave - Keep your beasts on a leash in this cave.
  • Beast Keeper - Allows you to change the beasts you use to attack and keeps the others safe.


Your base has a number of defenses that help protect you from attacks.

  • Wall- Basic wall structure you start with 30 units.
  • Archers Tower - Basic defensive tower.
  • Bombard Tower - A Bit better tower, it smashes weaker ground units.
  • Spikes - Keeps enemy units from moving and impales them.
  • Gatling Arrow - Nice tower that shoots tons of arrows.
  • Flamer Tower - Roasts your enemies.
  • Sky Tower - This tower shoots spears at the enemy.
  • Burning Mirrors -Uses the power of the sun to roast your enemies.
  • Defense Post - Holds your mercs and hides them for a surprise attack on your enemies.
  • Fire Trap- Destroys even the most powerful enemies
War of Mercenaries
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War of Mercenaries Game Guide - Attacking

You can either attack NPCs in the game or other game players. It’s a good idea to attack the NPCs as you build up your base so you can test each one of your units. Make sure you upgrade them using the training chamber when you have free resources available to you. Attacking other bases will also show you how the towers and other defense work so you can build up your own base to meet the challenges thrown against you. Make sure you have good resource production coming in before you start attacking because you want to be able to build up quickly. It’s not worth it to attack until your making thousands of resources so build those up first as resources are critical to games such as this one.


Make sure you build a stockpile as this will allow you to hold more resources. Stone, iron, and wood are used for constructing buildings you’ll need might for your units. As you upgrade you’ll get more resource building slots so keep upgrading to unlock everything. Make sure you click on each resource building to get your resources once they are full. You can also get resources when the structure isn't full as well.


  • Build resources first. Forget about military units in the early stages your first units are too weak to do anything. You need a ton of resources to do anything so get your production up.
  • Fight NPCs first to get a feel for the game and then attack other players. Just remember you'll be attacked back so get your defenses up.
  • use the training chamber to increase the statistics of your units.
  • You may attack a few low level basses to get a fee for combat.
  • Follow the quests on the left hand side as you'll get rewards for completing them.

War of Mercenaries is a new game on Facebook so there's no doubt that more content will come. This is a basic game guide to get you started. The game isn't complicated and it's fun so give it a try. Just remember to get the resource production up as soon as possible because you simply can't do anything substantial in the game without tons of resources.