A wardrobe makeover can make you feel like a whole new woman. This doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy all new clothes or rack up credit card debt. You can use your existing items in new ways. This forces you to be creative, create your own style and saves you a ton of money. You may want to do this every season or just every few years.

When you do shop, invest in pieces that will last. This includes a little black dress, white dress shirt, basic skirt, jeans, a t-shirt, and a neutral colored coat. You can spend a little more money on these pieces then you would on a trendier item because they will be stylish for years to come. You really won't have to replace the clothing until it becomes worn. A basic wardrobe has the capability to mix and match.

Learn the power of accessories. You may look at the current fashion trends and think that everything in your closet has to go. Instead, focus on the overall feeling of the piece. Is it happy and light? Does it have the feeling of a Colorado ski lodge? You can wear a scarf over a t-shirt just like the models and it will only cost you a few dollars.

The same rule applies to jewelry. Change out your earrings or make a big impact with an extra long necklace. Just simple changes will make your wardrobe look up to date and modern even though the clothes are exactly the same.

Break out that needle and thread. Every few years the popular skirt length seems to change. You might want to leave extra room in your hem so that you can let it down a little when the next style is popular. You can also revive older clothes by sending them to the tailor. You might have just discounted them because the items never fit you correctly. It's unlikely that you'll have the exact measurements that come in any one size. Instead, get the look that is best for you with a little professional help.

Do you just have to have the hottest, brightest colors for Spring? Start out by sorting through all the clothes that you don't wear anymore. Head to the grocery or craft store and pick up a few bottles of dye in your favorite colors. Even if your experiment goes awry you weren't going to use the items anyways right? Be aware that not every fabric will take dye so read both the labels on your clothes and on the package carefully. Also, dyes are usually made for clothes that are already white. You may have to remove the color from your items with a color remover or bleach. If all else fails do a little bit of color math. Figure out what color you want your clothing to be and factor in the color that it already is. This will help you choose the right color of dye.

Become a crafter. Again, this will allow you to make one of a kind creations. You might want a handbag made entirely out of ruffles. You can also bedazzle a shirt. Just look at your favorite fashion trends and ask "How did they do that?" Then think "How can I do that with what is already in my closet?" Even if you don't consider yourself to be artistic you can develop a few simple skills. In fact, you may just need to shred a t-shirt with a pair of scissors depending on the look you are going for.

Add in a few pieces that will make a big impact. Since your basic pieces go with almost anything you can just buy a few things every season to really update things. If a kimono top is all the rage put it with a basic skirt and boots. If you want to try skinny jeans or a tunic then maximize your budget instead of going crazy in the store. Spend less money on these items because you probably won't wear them into the future. However, this will give the appearance that your entire wardrobe is up to date and brand new.

Experiment with your hairstyles and cosmetics. This doesn't mean that you need to go out and buy new products. A lot of vintage updos were created simply because the women couldn't afford new clothes but wanted a different look. Spending a little more time on hair and makeup can make you look modern and put together and it doesn't cost anything.

Mix things up a bit. You might have a suit that you haven't worn in years because the pants are pleated or have some other dated element. Try replacing shiny gold buttons with more modern neutral tones. You can also just use the jacket with a skirt or even jeans. That's right you can break up a suit. (Hey, they even use this tactic on "What Not to Wear". You can still have work appropriate attire and showoff your personality and own sense of style. The secret is to make subtle changes that work together. You can just change how you are wearing your clothes instead of the items themselves for a total wardrobe transformation.

Another way to reuse your current items in new ways is to let go of the idea that everything has to match. A few years ago it became very trendy to carry a brightly colored purse that really had no relation to the rest of the outfit. Your shoes and belt and handbag don't even have to match anymore. Try mixing around patterns and colors. Just use enough neutrals like white, gold, cream and brown so that it doesn't look like a circus. Even though you've worn items a lot you can breathe new life into them. Just mix up your combinations; your closet probably has endless possibilities that you haven't explored yet.

A wardrobe makeover can change how you feel about yourself. It's a creative process and journey. You might even like your clothes a lot more then if you just bought something from the store. You create memories and get pieces that are made especially for you and there is a sense of satisfaction in that.