If you are going to be moving your clothes, then you can take this opportunity to clean out your closet and get rid of anything you don't wear anymore. Donate anything you can, but the rest, you can either fold and place in a box, or create your very own wardrobe moving boxes, or purchase a clothes rack to keep.

You can purchase wardrobe moving boxes from various moving companies, and some moving truck rental companies. These are an easy way to go, but they can cost you and they will want them back afterwards. They are usually cardboard wardrobe moving boxes. But they tend to be large, awkward and heavy.

Or you can purchase them online at sites like Amazon. If you move often then they may be a good investment. But you can always try and sell them off after a move.

Some articles of clothing don't fold well, such as blouses and suits. If you have suit protectors, these are another great way to go. You can put them in the suit protectors, and then into wardrobe moving boxes.

You can make your own wardrobe moving boxes, by finding a large rectangle sized box, and then turn it on its side. All you need then is a pole, or wooden dowel. Cut a hole in each side of the box and stick the dowel or pole (such as a shower curtain rail) into the holes and then secure. This becomes an instant wardrobe moving box, for your hangers. You could make a few of these rather than trying to move one big box.

You could have one for blouses and another for pants, all still on their hangers. It may be worth investing in some dowel wood and cut to size for your wardrobe moving boxes. This way it didn't cost you very much and you can use whatever boxes you have found for moving day.

If you are not moving far, or even if you are, consider purchasing a portable clothes rack. Those metal ones on wheels. You can transfer all your clothes to this, and then using the cover that comes with most of these, you can then cover your wardrobe and they can just wheel it onto the truck.wardrobe moving boxes (38892)

Just a tip, if you are going to use this system and you have stairs in your home that you are moving from. Set it up near the door, and bring your clothes down to it, so that you are not trying to move this clothes rack down the stairs. Organize it all Avant Garment Rolling Rack (pictured)

When you get to your destination, you will have it wheeled inside the door and then transfer your clothes to your closet. Unless of course it is all on one floor, then that will be a bonus as you could wheel it into your room.

These clothes racks do not cost much, you can also get these online at Amazon, and are not a waste, as once you have pared down your clothes, and then used it for moving, you could then use it for storing out of season clothes in the basement or spare room. It can be like an extra closet, to help keep your main closet clean.

So, consider creating your own wardrobe boxes, or using a clothing rack with a cover on wheels for your next move. It is a easier way to unpack at the other end. You could even sell off your homemade wardrobe moving boxes. Leave the dowel or pole in them, so they can be used again by someone else.

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