Warfarin Side Effects - What You Need to Know About Coumadin and Jantoven.

Belonging to the class of drugs known as anticoagulants (aka blood thinners), warfarin is a medication used to treat several different conditions. Warfarin is given proactively to patients in order to reduce the formation and likelihood of dangerous blood clots. This anticoagulant drug is also used preventatively against heart attack and stroke.Although warfarin has been effective in saving lives and preventing certain disorders from worsening, as with any drug it carries the risk of warfarin side effects. Patients should always consult their medical health provider before starting or stopping any such medication in order to receive a professional opinion and to inform themselves as to the most dangerous warfarin side effects and coumadin side effects.

Contraindicated : Who Should Not Be Taking Warfarin?

Pregnant mothers or women who might become pregnant should not take Warfarin, as it can harm a fetus or cause birth defects. Coumadin and Jantoven must also be avoided if you may become pregnant. Warfarin side effects can be absolutely devastating to a fetus.

People that are already taking any other medications, especially other anticoagulant compounds, must first consult with their doctor before starting or stopping their course of warfarin. Certain other compounds such as those that contain coumarin can interact with warfarin to cause a potentially dangerous situation.Warfarin side effects can be intensified or extended in combination with other compounds and drugs. Always ensure your primary healthcare provider knows exactly what other drugs you are taking and in what quantities, so that they can have the best picture possible while trying to reduce the risks of potential warfarin side effects.

-Those persons with a history of bleeding disorders. Take extra caution before starting a course of warfarin if you or anyone in your immediate family have ever suffered from serious bleeding conditions. You should be aware that warfarin, coumarin and jantoven can all cause you to bleed more profusely and easily than you normally would. Patients involved in contact sports, or any high risk activities should be aware of these bleeding related warfarin side effects.

What Does Warfarin and Coumadin Look Like?

Although warfarin and coumadin may come in many different formulations, Coumadin is commonly seen in 1 mg pink round tablets, or in 10 mg white rounded coumadin formulations.

Always ensure that pharmacy medicine bottle labels are undisturbed and always double check to ensure you are taking the prescribed dose correctly.

Taking Warfarin and Coumadin Properly to Reduce Warfarin Side Effects

If you have had any medical history of the following conditions or disorders, it may not be safe for you to take jantoven or warfarin. You may also need to have a specially adjusted dose to avoid any potentially serious warfarin side effects from endangering you.

Conditions that may preclude you from safely taking warfarin:

-Being over 65 years of age

-You have a medical history of internal bleeding like stomach or intestinal bleeding.

-If you have recently undergone serious surgery or if you may need invase surgery in the near future.