40k Warhammer (properly known as Warhammer 40k) is one of the most engrossing tabletop wargames today. More than just your average game, the war game immerses players in a whole new universe and lets them lose to write their own epics.

There is also a video game called Warhammer 40k. A particularly laudable element of the game is its storyline. 40k Warhammer is set 40,000 years into the future, where different species battle for control of the galaxy.

The Imperium of Man, although weakened by rebellion and civil strife, crusade against other species and anyone who rebels against the god- emperor of mankind.

In the forefront of the crusade is the Imperium's Space Marines: warriors genetically bred to have superhuman abilities, trained for combat and conditioned to be fanatically loyal to the emperor.

Gameplay is turn-based and a single battle can last a few hours. Each player takes turns moving units, getting past obstructions, ranged battle and close-quarters combat.

Battles are played out based on various scenarios, with an army needing to achieve a certain objective in order to achieve victory. Objectives can range from destroying all enemy forces to recovering an item. Of course, you might be asking: why can't I just play a video game?

The answer is quite simple: 40k Warhammer is more than just about the game itself. Part of the engrossing quality of the game is actually building the models. Hobbyists actually assemble and paint the figures being used in the game.

Because of the attention and skill required to get a really good figure, players of the game often take pride in their creations and make sure that the figures are not damaged in any way.

This whole activity of investing the time, effort and money to create pieces of art that can actually provide very immersing entertainment gives a whole new dimension to the game.

40k Warhammer is all about immersing the players in a whole universe of gameplay. It does so much more than entertain people; it takes real passion and dedication to truly enjoy the game.

People who invest the time, the money and the effort on this activity cannot be called just gamers, they are the weavers of tales and keepers of epics.

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