The Avelorn realm is one of the most ancient of all the kingdoms of Ulthuan. It is the oldest Kingdom of the Asur. The land is one of eternal summer and is a place of wonder and magic. It consists of a vast glowing forest and is culturally significant to the High Elves.

Chaos can occur in the forests of Avelorn especially when the Winds of Magic are strong. There are other dangers to such as the places in the forest where the Beastmen rule and minions of Ruinous Powers can be found in dark caves.

All of these dangers mean that the High Elves need to be vigilant at all times. The Everqueen of Avelorn rules here, so does The Everqueen Alarielle and the High Prince. The Everqueen does not live in one location, she moves where she wishes.

Prince Tyrion and her Handmaidens attend to her. The most gifted, loyal and bravest elf maids are chosen to serve the Maiden Guard, with only one hundred operating at one time. There is potent magic in the rivers, trees and glades of Avelorn.

The spells and wards can protect the kingdom and preserve its beauty. It is here that the High Elves go to seek renewal of their spirits. War is a growing shadow in Avelorn because the Dark Elves have returned and they are ready for war.

Some locations of interest in Avelorn include:

Eldrahel's Lament
Jade Strand
Anulli Rise
Wailing Fen

There are three stages of Everspring. Stage I Everguard Bowdancer is when the High Elves prepare their defences. Stage II is the Case of Eversource and stage III is Menlari Oceanbreeze where the Archmage of Everspring Menlari Oceanbreeze shows her face.

Slaying her means that the town destruction is finished. The only dungeon in Avelorn is Lost Vale. It is a large high level dungeon located in a secret area.

The High Elf Everqueen (currently Alarielle) often seeks refuge in Lost Vale. There are three wings in Lost Vale - Thornvale Wilds, Blackwillow Forest and Palace Gardens or Allarielle's Palace.

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