The Black Orc is a tank career for the Greenskins race. They can fight as a warrior and a tanker in the melee. Black Orcs are physically hardy and can face any foe without fear.

Black Orcs use a choppa and a shield and have a unique fighting style. He can fight with his fists and be as deadly as he is with any tool.

Black Orcs kick their enemy when they're down and knock them over so it's hard for them to fight back. Greenskins have no honor so fair fighting does not exist for them. Foes become shaken when they are faced with a Greenskin Black Orc.

Black Orcs are always keen to jump into combat and as such over time they have evolved to be tough, mean and brutal when it comes to combat. Even compared with other Greenskins, Black Orcs are the meanest and toughest there is.

Black Orcs look daunting with their large with heavy shields and lots of spikes, their heavy armor and their choppas.

Masteries of Black Orcs

There are three paths that a Black Orc can take:

Path of Da Brawler
Path Of Da Toughest
Path Of Da Boss

The Orc Boss is the one who can yell and shout at those who are smaller than him. Path Of Da Toughest is the Black Orc specialist in defending himself from attack with a huge shield. And a master of the Path of Da Brawler loves to chop the enemy into small pieces and dislikes the use of a shield as it makes it more difficult to swing his gigantic Big Choppa.


The best stats for a Black Orc to concentrate on are those that promote him as an Offensive specialist. So Toughness, Strength, Weapon Skill and Wounds will benefit Black Orcs. Weapon Skill is also an important stat to work on.

If you are a tank oriented Black Orc then consider Willpower, Initiative, Weapon Skill, Toughness and Wounds, not forgetting that Strength is vital for all Black Orcs.

Black Orcs have a brawling fighting style and use all tools available including body parts and weapons. they are an enjoyable and tough character to play in Warhammer Online.

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