Warhammer Chaos is a term used to refer to certain beings in the Warhammer fantasy setting. The existence of Chaos as embodied in various gods and entities can actually be seen as somewhat influenced by H.P. Lovecraft's Old Ones and Cthulhu mythos.

The concept of chaos actually spans and connects the Two Warhammer Universes: Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000.

In both universes, Chaos is represented by various deities and is seen as a force capable of seducing men and in line with the classic definition of chaos, throw things out of balance.

Here are some of the Warhammer Chaos Gods:

1) Nurgle – He embodies despair, decay, stagnation, disease and destruction. Because of this, he is depicted as covered with sores and clearly marked with disease and decomposition. This same appearance is shared with his minions and his creatures.

2) Tzeentch – He embodies planned change, constant building and corruption, thus making him the antithesis of Nurgle. Tzeentch's minions are quite spectacular, constantly evolving in terms of appearance and are often mutated much more than the other gods' daemons.

3) Khorne – is the embodiment of rage, hate, murder and violence. He constantly acts outwardly in order to kill others. Rather than make use of subtle manipulations, he prefers close-quarters combat and he values strength above cunning. He is depicted as a beast-headed giant who is satiated only by constant bloodshed, uncaring whether the blood that flows is his enemies' or his followers'.

4) Slaanesh – is a hermaphroditic and hedonistic god embodying desire and lust. He acts inwardly, constantly seeking pleasure in every form. Followers of Slaanesh often find themselves driven mad by the constant search for pleasure and often go to extremes in order to satiate their lust.

This madness makes the followers of this Warhammer Chaos god particularly dangerous, as they are not cowed by pain or death, but are actually aroused by what they see as the ultimate in desires.

These are the main Warhammer chaos gods one can encounter in the game. Chaos is basically what gives the entire Warhammer series its flavor. After all, without chaos, there would be no conflict and thus, no game.

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