High Pass is the most northern of all passes that cross the Worlds Edge Mountains. It is probably the most treacherous of all passes and there are dangerous awaiting even the most ambitious of tradesmen who dare travel the Skull road from Praag to the Pass's eastern lands.

Dangers include blizzards, huge winds, avalanches out of nowhere, freezing cold and of course the feared beasts of the northern mountains.

The High Pass is one of the most dangerous battlefields in the age of Reckoning. It is inhospitable, harsh and it can be difficult to survive there on a day to day basis due to lack of food and the sheer cold. That means that the roaming predators at the mountain peaks are always looking for a meal.

Savage, fearsome predators live throughout High Pass. It is difficult for the weak to survive at High Pass. Here is a land of the great Sabertusks which pounce on their prey after silently stalking.

They have sharp, massive tusks to deliver wounds. Yhetees are possible the most scary of all beasts at High Pass. They have claws of several inches long. Then there are the mountain wolf packs that come down the slopes to hunt under moonlight.

The Northmen tribes are also deadly and their powers are increasing in the Age of Reckoning because the Winds of Magic are growing stronger.

They are barbarians of the primitive type and their home is the frozen lands on the Chaos Wastes border. The Northmen worship the gods of Chaos.

Some Northmen remain behind in High Pass to defend the land from trespassers (to whom they will show not a sign of mercy) whilst others are marching south. They march under the banner of Tchar'zanek, Champion of Tzeentch.

The Order of the Griffon are heading north to meet these dangers courageously. They need to save the Empire and Emperor Karl Franz has seen the plague coming through his lands.

Desperate measures will need to be taken to stop the enemy's scheme after it the full scope of it is revealed. Emperor Karl Franz's wizards and soldiers now have to survive in the hostile environment of High Pass - the Old World's fate may depend on them.

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