The new Warhammer MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) is vastly different in terms of gameplay from the Warhammer tabletop games you used to play.

Although it makes use of the same awesome Warhammer Fantasy setting, it allows you to explore the universe from a different perspective: that of a soldier fighting for your army, instead of a general commanding your forces to battle.

Let's face it: the birth of the Warhammer universe as a tabletop wargame is great, but how many opportunities can you get to actually become a character in the universe and actually create your very own story?

This Warhammer game allows you to do just that! Progress through the game will allow you to unlock new abilities and features, as well as give you more storylines to follow.

Through the game, you will be able to experience what perpetual battle is truly like. You start by battling monsters and gathering resources for your army. Through these quests, you will be able to gather your strength and train for a battle against the opposing realm.

The Warhammer MMORPG features a distinctive Realm Vs Realm system, where the forces of Order clash against the hoards of Destruction.

You get to pick one of six armies to join, with each army offering you various options in terms of abilities and character builds. Another distinctive feature of this MMORPG is the tactics system, which is one derivative of the tabletop game.

The tactics system allows you to make use of your intellect in order to overpower your opponents, making every battle a chess match, rather than a click-fest.

Anticipate your opponents' moves and reinforce your comrades in battle in order to achieve victory. The Warhammer MMORPG offers countless hours of action and epic adventure.

Through this game, you will be able to delve further into the mythos of the Warhammer universe, as well as kick some serious butt in PvP battles.

Whether you are seriously into roleplay or just want to find a game that you can truly enjoy, Warhammer is simply the best out there. Join the ranks of Order or Destruction and start writing your own epic today.

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