Warhammer Mark of Chaos is a real-time strategy computer game that let's players experience the excitement of directing an army in the fantasy setting of Warhammer Old World. The game lets players take control of 4 distinctive races:

1) The Empire – composed of humans and reminiscent of medieval Germany, the Empire's advantage lies in the fact that they have developed the gunpowder and are thus able to utilize firearms and cannons.

2) High Elves – a noble race, the High Elves are known for their specialization in magic, but a player should also beware of their archers.

3) Hordes of Chaos – this race is composed of humans corrupted by the chaos gods. This race also has access to supernatural beings such as daemons.

4) Skaven – the skaven are composed of giant rats which can use sheer numbers to overpower their enemies. They also have mutating abilities.

The game play of Warhammer Mark Chaos is actually much different from that of other strategy games. While other RTS games focus on resource management and involve production of units and buildings, Warhammer actually focuses on the battle itself.

Players of the single campaign often endeavor to achieve victory given a set number of combatants. Because of this, players rely heavily on proper battle tactics, rather than resource-gathering.

The focus on battle tactics actually makes the game more engaging for players. Instead of having to spend half the game time gathering enough resources and building a base, you immediately turn your attention to battle.

The game stimulates your wits and requires you to think ahead of your opponent and outmaneuver them on the battlefield. Indeed, this game is the evolution of chess –on steroids.

There are two options for playing this game: single player mode takes the player through different campaigns filled with battles and telling stories from different sides of the battlefield.

The multiplayer campaign allows the player to pit his armies against another player via a local area network or through the internet. Warhammer Mark of Chaos is truly a versatile game that can give you lots of action, excitement, an immersing story and an intellectual workout.

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