Upon the icy high wastes of Northern Kislev dwell some nomadic tribes, barbarian in nature, who are famously recognized within the labyrinth of the whole empire as Northmen.

Among these savage humans, a powerful and courageous leader usually arises who then unites these tribes forming a mighty war host which marches forth southwards all the way to Kislev and also in the Empire.

In such times, these Northmen are always in search of bloodshed as well as conquest since they happen to be loyal servants of Chaos gods. The Chaos gods are always active and alive among their worshipers more than other gods in any other culture in the Empire.

They are known to reward their trusted followers immediately most of the time when they happen to be pleased, though swift in depicting their displeasure with any devotee who crosses their path the wrong way.

Mostly, a god of chaos could show his liking and favor by marking a devotee with one of his symbols. This kind of symbol thus bestows power in a way that commensurate largely upon the sphere of influence which the specific god controls.

More favors and even mutations are largely offered to the people by these gods if they perpetually continue pleasing them through their work. In fact, the most favored warriors among the worshippers of these gods of Chaos, who are also very powerful, are know as Champions.

They have a trait of being exceptionally skilled and powerful on the battleground. Therefore, among these Champions, strength is their ultimate authority, thus making them leaders among these Northmen.

These Champions are far much mutated and potent that they cease being humans anymore. They wield massive heavy weapons which normal human beings struggle to lift as well, and are also being clothed in the Amour of Chaos bound to the root of their skin.

These Champions are the heroes of Chaos and happen to be the most powerful as well as the terrifying adversaries anywhere in the planet. The other type of Northmen who accompany these Champions in a battle are commonly called Marauders.

They are known to wage war beside these inhuman creatures, one example of the Marauders are the Beast men who are quite fearsome. Champions and Marauders are known to share the battlefield together with creatures that are overtly borne of clear and pure Chaos power and energy. The creatures are commonly known as Daemons.

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