In the Warhammer online game, Chrace is a narrow strip of rocky woods located between the Great Ocean and the Blighted Isle, at the feet of the Annulii Mountains.

The White Lions, White Lion creatures and High Elf woodsman warriors call Chrace home. Some of the White Lion creatures could become War Lion pets for the White Lions.

The White Lion, king of beasts, will attack invaders on sight. It is a proud symbol and has been roaming the mountains since before the Sundering, defending the Phoenix Throne and Ulthuan. Only the most skillful of warriors ever earn membership into the White Lions.

Public Quests
In Warhammer online, there is a lot of PvE content in Chrace and many public quests. Some of the Order Public Quests in Chrace include the High Elf Chapter 3 quests Shattered Beach and Thrallseekers along with the High Elf Chapter 4 quests of Blackwood Hill Garrison, Elisia and Stone of Imrahir.

The Destruction public quests in Chrace are Gon 'Seraph in Dark Elf Chapter 3 and in Dark Elf Chapter 4 there is Lionhome Lodge, The Stone of Valetear and Tor Achare.

Interesting locations in Chrace
There is much to see and do in Chrace. Below are just some of the interesting locations you can come across:

Tor Achare
Asarbel Highlands
Weeping Vale

There is also considerable RvR content in Chrace consisting of both Open World and instanced Scenario. This is a good chance for lower ranked players to compete with one another to develop much needed PvP skills which will come into use at later times.

Players from both the Destruction and Order sides of the zone can access the RvR area in Chrace which is located at the north on an islet called the Plain of Bone. The Blighted Isle has an RvR area which joins seamlessly with the Plain of Bone.

The mountains at the south of Chrace offer an unobscured view of the Phoenix King's lands, and as such Chrasce has always been an important defensive point for Ulthuan. Chrace is important to the Dark Elves as a staging ground on the Blighted Isle.

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