The Warhammer Online dark Elves wish to return to Ulthuan to reclaim the land that they lost during a defeat. They believe that they have a right to the land that they lost to the High Elves long ago.

When Chaos was unleashed long ago, the Elves race was split into two factions when Malekith was given the throne after the death of his father Aenarion, to the opposition of many Elves.

Because they thought that Malekith was too war focussed, even though he was known as a great general, sorcerer and warrior. This differing of opinions eventually split the Elves into two - the Dark elves and the High Elves.

The High Elves were the visitors and the Dark Elves were driven out of their ancestral home. A new kingdom was founded by the Dark Elves with the leadership of Malekith as well as Morathi - his sorceress mother.

Naggaroth (or land of chill) became their new land and it is located at the north of the New World. The Dark Elves have a hedonistic nature which they embrace fully.

The High Elves on the other hand are known to hide their passions in most situations Dark Elves are proud, selfish and is a society of individuals. They don't have much regard for each other and certainly have none for other races. They look at other races as potential subjects and slaves.

The Witch Elves love violence, savagery and ferocity, as do all the warriors of Naggaorth. One of the Dark Elves most deadly weapons of war are the Black Arks which are huge floating islands full of monsters, solider and engines of war.

The career options available in the Dark Elves race are Witch Elf, Sorceress, Disciple of Khaine and Black Guard.

In Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning a potential Chaos invasion is learned upon by Malekith and they then begin a plan of events to make the original Elves land defenceless against the Dark Elves. A fleet of Black Arks sail the sea to the island of Ulthuan to fulfil their destiny and avenge defeat.

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