The Warhammer Online Dwarf race is a popular and well liked race among players. Their classes are pretty popular as well. They are an ancient race and a very industrious race but they are past their prime. Their past great empire - Karak Ankor - is now a ruin. Many of their mountains have been conquered by Goblins or Orcs, or simply abandoned.

The Dwarfs have been warring with the Orcs and Goblins for centuries. Many Dwarfs nowadays admit that what once was does not compare to how it is now and they often recall past glories. But the Dwarfs are a proud people and they react swiftly to any real or imagined slight.

They can remember mistakes and infractions for many years and have Books of Grudges which pass on the responsibility of vengeance to their heirs. They don't like to admit that the Dwarf culture may be declining or even coming to an end, but secretly they do know inside that they are a doomed race.

As such they enjoy a good ale to drown their sorrows and the Dwarf race tends to have a sour outlook of the world.

Warhammer online Dwarf classes within the Dwarf race include Engineer, Ironbreaker and Rune Priest.


Engineers are able to construct very useful objects which have a wide variety of purposes. They can do this just with various odds and ends and the objects can include everything from grenades to mechanical weapon upgrades and more. Engineers try to avoid the frontline as much as possible and like to strike the target without being exposed to attack.


The Ironbreaker is tough, gruff and quarrelsome - some say they are the epitome of a Dwarf. He repays all grudges such as blows struck against his allies. He has elite weapon craft and is a wonderful defender and stands by his allies in all attacks including the most powerful. He wants to ensure their safety. The greater the grudge that an Ironbreaker holds to a foe, the more powerful his attacks.


The Rune priest learns the language of the runes throughout their lives and they can create powerful effects using the power of the earth to accost their foes. They can also heal the wounds of their allies and harden them against attacks.