The Greenskins in Warhammer Online are a savage race. They are primitive and ill tempered. And they love to fight. Even when there is no opponent present they will turn on each other.

The toughest Greenskins are considered top of the ranks and the weakest Greenskins can become dinner at anytime.

Career options within the Greenskins race include:
Black Orc
Orc Choppa
Goblin Shaman
Goblin Squig Herder

There is no home land for the Greenskins, their practice is to capture the settlements of other races to take over as their own. Tribal graffiti, scrap materials and wood are often used to form symbols of a crude nature. The architecture of a Greenskin settlement is therefore unique and distinctive.

A 'Waaagh!" is a tribe that the Orc Warboss can create from the Greenskin tribes. This tribe resembles a swarming mass and is named after the familiar war cry of the Greenskins. In a Waaagh!

The Greenskins aim to destroy everything in their path and it is a feared and devastating force. In fact it is the most devastating force in Warhammer besides Chaos itself.

The biggest and most muscular of the Greenskin species are the Orcs. They are also more aggressive then the smaller races of Goblins and Hobgoblins. Black Orcs are the most powerful of all Orcs.

They are larger and have darker skin than the other Orcs. It is however normal for an Orc's skin to darken as they age. They also keep growing for their entire lives.

Goblins are smaller even than Orcs so they are often intimidated by Orcs. They as such have evolved to gain a cunning personality. They are sneaky and have a malicious intelligence.

They are the smartest species in the Greenskin society. Goblins are often able to manipulate Orcs as they are frequently the Shamans of their tribes. They are then smart enough to coax the Orcs into doing their bidding.

The Warhammer Online Greenskins are fighting a war against the Dwarfs army. Malekith, the Witch King is said to have calibrated this war. His aim is to hold off the Dwarfs with the Greenskins, so that the Dwarfs are unable to assist the Empire Army.

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