The Warhammer Online High Elves have a long, vast history as they are an ancient people.

To begin with, the High Elves were cave dwellers and very primitive but from there they have evolved to build impressive cities on Ulthuan island which is their home.

Explorers and scholars of the High Elves were the first to sail the oceans of the world and chart the stars. The High Elves were the first race to put up defence against the Chaos hordes which invaded. This war is still continuing today.

The High Elves have some trouble keeping their emotions and passions in check. Their negative emotions that ruled the Elves - those of rage, jealousy, fear and greed helped to increase the power of Chaos.

The High Elves have the potential for extreme violence, despite being very enlightened and intelligent. The lords of Ulthuan want to get rid of all emotional extremes so that they can suppress this unpredictable and often dangerous show of emotions.

Because it is considered weak in High Elf society to surrender to the emotions of lust and anger, they have a strict set of rules to live by and the rules embrace a life of balance, inner peace and harmony.

Career options available to High Elves include Swordmaster, Arch Mage, Shadow Warrior and White Lion. High Elves are skilled in the arts of magic and they are makers of music, art and weapons.

Their skills exceed those of all other races besides the mighty Dwarfs. Because they live for many thousands of years, dwarfs become extreme experts at their roles. They are as such some of the most powerful magicians of all, and their approach to combat coupled with their discipline and patience means that the High Elves are a great force.

The High Elves reluctantly fight on the side of the Dwarfs to strengthen their force against the Dark Elves - the race that came about after Malekith, Sundering and their supporters exiled from Ulthuan after the civil war.

The Shining Guard is the name given to high elf characters in WAR. Prince Tyrion commands the army as they defend Ulthuan.

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