Nordland is a Tier 1 zone in Warhammer Online with a minimum level of 1 and a maximum level of 10. Nordlanders are well accustomed to living under the shadow of Chaos; they have bore witness to relentless sea raids from the Dark Gods-worshipping Northmen who attack their shores.

Some of the quests to be found in Nordland include:

A Greater Concern, A Norse Bargain, A Son's Sacrifice, A Subtle Wind, A Winding Path, An Oath to Uphold, Black Paws, Bloodhorn Beckons, Encroaching Darkness, Hearts and Minds, Insurrection, Love Lost, Marked, Murder Wood, Of Honor and Glory, Out in the Open, Promise of Battle, Remmerbruck Regulars, Sacking of New Emskrank, Saving New Emskrank, Silencing the Cannons, The Blood of Our Enemies, The Emperor's Mandate, The Faces of War, The Guns of Nordenwatch, The Wind of Change, Von Rhine's Express, Woebegone, Wolves Among the Sheep, and Worthy Battle.

The Nordland people are strong and firm. Just like their land. There is a rumor that their bloodlines have been mixed with the Northmen and these rumors have sparked the Nordlanders into proving their loyalty to the Empire at every opportunity.

In the eyes of the Empire, the Nordland inhabitants often appear primitive, uncivilized and at best - quaint. This may be because of the fact that Nordland people can appear uptight and gruff to outsiders due to their habit of using actions rather than words.

When they do use words, Nordlanders are not diplomatic and have a tendency to settle accounts by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. This often leads to trouble and misconceptions.

In the Age of Reckoning, the Northmen are once again invading Nordland. under the banner of Tchar'zanek, hordes of Marauders have inundated Nordland. Because the Nordland provincial army has had its numbers decimated by the plague, it struggles to mount a defence without the intervention of Karl Franz.

The Emperor is well aware that Nordland will fall without help. This means that the enemy will have a clear way to the heart of the Empire, so the Order of the Griffon is devised by Karl Franz. This is military force of the most elite type and allows the order to take fast action to organize all defensive tactics in the north.

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