The Orc race are part of the Greenskin species and are the largest and most common out of all the sub-species. The Goblins, Snotlings and Hobgoblins are smaller whilst the Orcs are larger and more aggressive.

Not considered too intelligent, Orcs are bullies and will impose upon those that are smaller and weaker. Orcs love to fight so much so that if there are no opponents to fight they will simply fight amongst each other. However Orcs do not feel pain and are not fearful of anything.

The skin of an orc will get darker as it ages, and they continually grow in size. Black Orcs are what the most powerful Orcs eventually become. Black Orcs are larger and have a darker skin color.

Orcs do not use sophisticated weapons. Instead they fight with primitive weapons, often nothing more than scraps. However they give their scrap weapons names such as bashas and choppas. Orcs will wield any weapon with strength and fearlessness.

They can however also use their bare hands to fight. Their hands are very large and can tear a man apart. Orcs exist to fight and will even take part in fighting sports such as boar and chariot racing and runt throwing.

Through savagery a very powerful Orc can reach the top of the tribe. He will rise to the top if he can defeat the Warboss. The Warboss is able to lead the whole tribe into Waaagh! Despite challenges from within of the leadership.

There are three things that Orcs focus on. These are brutality, hatred and respect. They respect those that are larger than them but this is probably the least apparent of their traits. The Gods Gork and Mork are respected by the Orcs however there is not any active worship or ritual involved in the religion.

A choppa is the traditional war weapon of the Orcs. There are several forms of choppa but generally it is a very large blade that most other forms of life would struggle to lift, however the Orcs wield it with one hand. Choppas can crush an enemy and cut it, resulting in a crude form of attack.

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