The Waring Professional Bar Blender offers a cool retro style design, multiple colors to match your kitchen décor, durability, and sturdiness to ensure your smoothies are smooth and tasty. Find out more about this blender.

Do you love high end appliances in your kitchen that give you great performance and functionality? If you do, you may want to consider the Waring professional bar blender series. They look great and can really perform because they have been designed to meet the rigors of working in an environment where they are going to get a real work-out on a regular basis.

If you are working in a bar or kitchen and you are using a blender with a small container you will find it will not work. This is because you will often be blending a large amount of liquid at one time. Bars will be creating blended drinks and kitchens often have to prepare creamy soups and use blenders to do so. Because of this, Waring has created a line of blenders with massive containers. The containers can hold, at a minimum, 32 ounces of liquid. From there, the containers get quite a bit larger. You can even find one that will hold a half gallon of liquid, which should be more than enough for anyone.

This line of blenders also offers you a choice of materials for both containers and bases. You can find bases and containers that are stainless steel. Containers come in glass and polycarbonate material as well. The bases can be found in a number of different colors of plastic as well so that they can fit in with any color of kitchen.

Ease of cleaning is also an issue in a professional kitchen and the Waring professional series is very easy to clean. The base is streamlined and this makes wiping it down quick and easy. The containers are also designed to be cleaned easily in a dishwasher and this can make cleaning up even easier.

Power is not an issue with this blender series. They can easily handle crushing ice. Many blenders simply cannot handle this so knowing that the model you have purchased will be able to this a good thing. You don't want to have your blender burn out because you have been making daiquiris for your friends all evening.

Price can be an issue with these blenders. Although they are reasonably priced at the lower end, higher end models with larger containers can be quite pricey. Taking the time to shop around and decide what size you need can help you save money and ensure that you get a great machine for your home.