Fur hats have come back into style in a big way. Living in northern Illinois I see these warm hats all winter long. They are everywhere, I live outdoors all winter long. As a fisherman and a hunter, I am outside all the time.

At the beginning of this winter, my wife purchased a mad bomber hat for me that has a real rabbit fur lining. I wore it a few times in November only to discover that I was overdressed and had to take it off because I was sweating too badly. Although I can tell you one thing, I really appreciated it on the ice fishing trips that I have taken in January.

One thing to remember about fur is that animals depend on their fur in order to keep them warm and some of them do not freeze to death while they are sleeping during a windstorm in the middle of January in nortern Alaska. These hats harness this warmth in order to keep your head warm. They make all of the difference in the world.

There are many different kinds of fur hats and here is a list of a few of them along with a description:

Mad Bomber:

This is without a doubt the most popular of the fur hats. A mad bomber hat was made famous by World War I pilots who liked to wear them, thus the hat's other name, the aviator hat. This style of hat combines real fur with synthetic fabrics to make a hat that is both warm and stylish.

What separates the mad bomber hat from other types of fur hats such as the Ushanka or Russian hats is that the mad bomber hat is only fur-lined, the Russian hat is completely made out of fur and only has other material to hold it together.

The mad bomber hat is gaining viral popularity for a couple of reasons, (1) it is very warm even in the most inhospitable of conditions, and (2) many stylish models are made for men, women, and children.

Russian or Ushanka:

The Russian or Ushanka hat is for the guy who really likes to go out in the coldest of conditions. Most of these hats are completely made of real fur.big and ridiculous looking, but there could not be a warmer hat on the market. Some of these hats are really There are many different kinds of russian hats that are made of many different kinds of fur such as rabbit, coyote, beaver, muskrat, fox, and racoon.

If you spend any amount of time at all outside during the coldest part of the winter you owe it to yourself to purchase one of these ultra warm hats.

Whether you chose to wear a mad bomber or a russian fur hat, you will not be disappointed with how warm or stylish they are. Just remember one thing, these hats are so warm that if it is only around freezing, your head will overheat if you are wearing it.

I don't know how I ever got by out in the cold without one of these hats. It was probably because I was afraid to wear one year's ago because they were kind of fashion faux pas!