My Grandmother and Her Glass of Lemon Water

When I was little, I often used to wonder why my grandmother used to take a warm glass of lemon water every day in the morning. On several occasions when I was close to her, she would insist that I also pour myself a glass, and as time went by, and as I grew older, I sort of lost interest in the whole lemon and warm water idea and moved on with my life.

One fine morning as I was going through my old photos, I happened to come across one particular photo of me sitting on my grandmother’s lap and that was when it really hit me; my grandmother hasn’t aged at all, or at least she is aging gracefully compared to most women her age. Immediately memories of her being a natural health nut and all those mornings of taking warm glasses of lemon and water also came flooding back to me.

It was at moment that I decided to do a little research on the entire subject, and I was thrilled at what I found out about this drink, and which I am quite sure will also shock some of you out of your socks. This is what I discovered:

Lemon and water
Credit: By Anastacia r via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

A Warm Glass of Lemon and Water Assists with Weight Loss

How is that? You may ask, but since lemons naturally contain high amounts of pectin fiber, which go a long way in making you feel a little bit fuller thus less hungry, then it also goes without saying that the lesser the urge you have for eating, the more weight you will lose at the end of the day.

At the same time, since lemons help to keep your body pH above 7 (that is more alkaline than acidic), studies have shown that people with a higher pH tend to lose weight at a much faster rate compared to their counterparts with a lower pH (below 7), which brings me to my next point

Makes You Have a Beautiful and Radiant Skin

The presence of vitamin C in the fruit means that blemishes and skin wrinkles will be fewer and less noticeable in the skin of an individual who regularly takes lemon water compared to the skin of a person who takes little or no lemon water at all.

Since lemon water aids in removing toxins from the blood stream, then it goes without saying that the skin also remains clear. What’s more, the juice from lemon fruits can be applied directly to scars that appear on the skin to make them not so easy to spot.

Warm glass of lemon water
Credit: RedBull Trinker via Flickr, CC-BY 2.0

Helps with Digestion

This citrus fruit, which I am starting to slowly believe that it is one of the wonder fruits out there, aids digestion in several ways.

One way in which lemon water helps with digestion is that it encouraging the production of bile by the liver. Now bile is one of the acids that is produced by the body to aid in digesting food.

Too little bile will mean that your body is not capable of digesting food effectively hence the bloating, and too much of it too will not be good. Lemon water ensures that there is just enough bile for digesting the food that you have taken.

Another way that lemon aids in digestion is that it helps with flushing out unwanted materials from the body. Also, since lemons contain Vitamin C, which is associated with the reduction in the risk of one getting peptic/stomach ulcers, then it goes without saying that lemons also help in reducing peptic ulcers.

Lemon In A Tree
Credit: Lemon tree by 4nitsirk via Flickr [CC-BY-SA-2.0

Helps in Balancing Your Body pH

It may sound like I am contradicting myself here since most of you know that lemons, being citrus fruits, are acidic in nature hence would naturally tend to lower the pH of your body not raise it right? Wrong. What happens is that when you take lemon water each day, especially in the morning, the body easily metabolizes the weak acids in lemon i.e. citric and ascorbic acids, thus allowing the other minerals that are present in the lemon to be used in alkalizing the blood.

Reasearch has also shown that a more alkaline body easily sheds of weight when compared to a body that is more acidic. So you can see how lemon water helps with weight loss.

Tips and Guidelines

  • How Warm Should The Temperature of The Water Be?

The temperature of the water should be around your body temperature, which is lukewarm to mildly hot. Very cold water is not advisable as it is bound to shock your body while very hot water is bound to destroy/ denature enzymes and vitamins that are found in the lemon.

  • Is it OK to Buy Bottled Lemon Water?

My advice to you would be that you should go for freshly squeezed lemon for obvious reasons, one of them being that it contains no preservatives nor has it stayed in a shelve for who knows how long. Fresh juice is always best.

  • Get Rid of Those Coffee and Tea Stains From Your Mug/Cup

You can also drink your warm lemon water in a coffee or tea stained mug and the lemon water will remove those stains from your utensils.

  • Freshens your breadth

Not only does it help your breath stay fresh all morning, but it also helps with relieving tooth ache and getting rid of gingivitis.

Now that you have almost everything you need to know about this amazing citrus fruit, I will keep you updated with more articles on lemon water and its benefits. You are now one step closer to start living a healthier lifestyle that would not only ensure that you skin remains clear and healthy, but also your weight remains within the healthy limits by simply taking a warm glass of lemon water each day in the morning.

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