Warm memories is one of those companies that you love to hear about because it was started as a home based business in Anchorage Alaska. They began by making fleecewear to sell in the small shops in and around Anchorage, and it grew after that into a business that sells fleece to the entire nation.

This company is a rare find because it is difficult to find fleece hats, especially for children. Fleece hats provide warmth and comfort.

Fleece Hats For Babies and Young Children:

Animal hat: This adorable fleece hat comes in two styles, brown moose on brown fabric and colorful moose on purple with a red band. It is also available with or without ear flaps.

Fleece Baby Bear Hat: This is just one of those hats that every infant has to have. This baby bear hat comes in either pink or blue and is available in a total of 3 sizes. This is meant for newborns to 12 month olds.

Summer Baby Beanie: This summer weight beanie was designed with the newborn in mind. It has a special boa feather and a flower on the top. This is the kind of hat that you just have to take a photo of.

Fleece Bear Hat: This is another one of those adorable hats that you just have to buy for your youngster. With the bear on his head you are guaranteed giggles from your young boy. This hat comes with or without ear flaps.

Fleece Winter Hat, Bonnet Style: This is just another one of those hats that you must buy for your young daughter. This fleece, antique style bonnet is available in 4 colors and has a fleece chin strap to keep the bonnet on your baby.

Fleece Fringe Hat: This crazy looking hat comes in dozens of patterns and colors and comes with or without a chin strap. This hat is adjustable so it will grow with your child.

Fleece Hoods, Flower and Dinosaur: This hood comes in either a flower or a dinosaur style. You can pick from dozens of different colors of hoods and petals or spines. This is a fun hat for young boys or girls.

Fleece Hats For Adults:

Fleece Gladiator Style Hat: This warm, fleece hat is a warm and stylish hat that can be worn by children and adults alike. You can choose from dozens of patterns and colors for the hat and the crown.

Fleece Stocking Hat: This is another warm, stocking hat that can be worn by children or adults. You can choose from 3 styles, short, medium or long stockings and you can also choose from dozens of patterns and colors.

Ponytail, Neckwarmer Hat: This winter hat can be worn as a neckwarmer or you can wear it as a hat that your ponytail can be pulled through the top. You can choose from dozens of patterns or colors. This hat is also adjustable.

Warm memories is an Alaskan based company that makes fleece hats. Alaskans really know how to stay warm and that shows through in these hats.