Scarves have become super popular in the last few years.  I am loving this accessory especially since I live in a colder climate and it is nice to have something warm around your neck for those colder days.  I have knitted many scarves to get me through the winter, but they can only be worn as scarves.  I knit them long enough to wrap around a few times so I almost look like a turtle!

But on my wish list this year is a tartan blanket scarf.  I absolutely love the idea of something that can be worn different ways.  Many cool spring or fall nights I didn’t really want to wear a scarf but would have loved a shawl.  

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Perfect Accessory!

Blanket Shawl or Scarf Blanket!

As you can see in the picture it can be worn many ways.  It is not too bulky to be a scarf but at the same time can keep your shoulders warm as a shawl while watching TV or out in the bleachers watching that game.

It can take the place of an extra sweater for those cool moments, meaning you don’t have to carry much with you.  I would always have this with me.


You could even spread it out as a blanket at a picnic.  Blanket shawls are hot in the fashion world right now for all seasons, but I love this tartan one.  It would add some colour to my dark coat as a scarf and I could wear it over my shoulders if I take off my coat. 

I also thought it would be great to have one in the car for when I am driving as I don’t like driving with a bulky coat on, but I need something over my shoulders to keep the chill off.  Then when I get to my destination I would put my coat back on and this now becomes a warm scarf.  They are washable and super fun to wear and soft and easy to maneuver.  I love the tartan design.

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Awesome Gift Ideas!

I have added this to my list, and I thought my daughter would like one too as she is always finding a blanket to wrap herself up in on the couch.   It becomes an oversized poncho.

It is really cool how it can become a scarf to a poncho to a shawl or a blanket over your knees at the stadium.  No need to carry extra accessories.  Keep it around your neck and you will always have it with you.  It is nice to have an item that is not only a fashion statement but totally practical as well and a good looking tartan design.

I found this video to get Ideas on how to wear a blanket scarf.  Check it out.

There are so many ways to wear these.  For years I never wore scarves as a fashion accessory, only for my coat to keep me warm outside.  I am a bigger curvy girl and figured it would add weight to my frame, but after watching this video I realized this is not true.  In fact I am looking forward to wearing it with some new blouses and tops I just purchased.  It doesn’t look heavy at all.  I realized the trick for me is to have longer pieces hanging down so it is not all bunched up at my neck.  I loved that the girl in the video also used it to keep her hands warm!