5 Key Pieces To Wear During this Warm Winter

Layering is the Key


Can't Wear Your Overcoat? Substitutes for Overcoats, Gloves, and Knee-High Boots

What is going on with the weather in LA?  Every year I get excited to start wearing my fall and winter clothes that I have in a separate closet.  Oh those chunky knit oversized sweaters, the overcoats, and all of those knee high boots are all begging to be worn (a couple of which I purchased during a summer sale -that is when you can get the best bargain).  

The situation is just sad for a fashion lover like me.  I have sweaters, jackets, and boots to suit up an army of people.  Ok, maybe not so much but I do own a ton of shoes and apparel. 

I especially love fall and winter clothes.  For the past couple of years though, my fall and winter items have been worn minimally if at all.  The weather has been too warm, warranting a change in my selection of shoes and apparel.

The following are the key pieces that are essential for this warm winter.  You may still wear these pieces in cold weather as well, but layer it with an overcoat:

1)  Denim Jacket or Shirt:  This is a key piece that will last you for your lifetime!  I was at my parents' home this Thanksgiving and I found my J. Crew denim jacket that I purchased as a teenager.  It still fits perfectly over any item, and it's a great layering piece. 

These days the style is to wear that denim jacket over a denim/chambray shirt over denim pants.  Sounds like a style disaster but in reality, it looks sleek and stylish.  Top that with an estate necklace and you are ready to take on the world!

2)  Scarf:  You will always need that one versatile scarf you can wear during fall, winter, and a good portion of the spring season.  My all-time favorite scarf is the burberry scarf - I have a gray and blue one - that I wear starting early fall and which lasts me all the way until March.   It's the best accessory you can invest in to change up your look.

3)  An oversized blazer:  An oversized, men's style blazer is the trend for this fall and winter and a style statement.  Instead of wearing a thick trenchcoat or an overcoat, substitute it with a blazer.  With an oversized blazer, you can layer the look.  When it gets cold, you can layer that by wearing a chunky sweater with a plaid shirt underneath.  It's the perfect jacket that is stylish and edgy.

4)  Ankle boots:  Rather than wearing knee high boots, substitute it with ankle boots.   Even on a rainy day you can wear ankle boots.  The best aspect about ankle boots is that there are a variety of styles to dress up your look. 

The moto boots are extremely comfortable yet stylish, and maintain the overall casual look.  The high heeled ankle boots can be worn to dress up a certain look.  Wear them out for a dinner date, or for a special night out.  You can wear the ankle boots during the fall, winter or the spring season!

5)  A thin and comfortable long sleeve shirt:  Substitute the chunky sweater with a thin, long sleeve shirt.  Then layer it with a denim jacket, and an oversized blazer if necessary. 

I tend to go for striped shirts, because it enhances the overall look and I just love stripes!  My favorite long sleeve shirt happens to come from Splendid.  They have cute looking long sleeved thermo shirts that will keep you warm.  Wear it alone or change it up by layering the shirt with a jacket or an overcoat. 

What are your must haves during the fall and winter season?