This time of the year it can be just plain cold. There is an endless variety of warm clothing that is available for men. the problem is that there is not the same variety for women. Women are much more picky about the clothes they wear than men, so it is not quite as easy to design warm clothes for women, particularly hats. Remember that most of the heat lost from your body is lost from your head.

Women do have a need for warm hats. There are warm hats available for women. Here are some warm winter hats that are avialable for women.

  • Supplex Bomber Brown Fur Hat, this warm mad bomber style hat comes in 5 women's sizes and 3 colors. The Supplex Bomber hat uses real rabbit fur.
  • Jacob Ash Attagirl Pinstripe Bomber hat, faux fur lining, this mad bomber style hat is designed for women and comes in 2 colors. The white faux fur combined with the stylish colors and pin stripes makes for a very stylish warm winter hat for women.
  • Betmar faux fur mad bomber style plaid trapper hat for women, this ultra stylish mad bomber style hat for women comes in 3 colors of plaid as well as 3 colors of faux fur.
  • Betmar faux fur Chicago Cuff Hat for women, this is another ultra stylish woman's hat made by Betmar. It is completely composed of faux fur and available in 2 colors.
  • Betmar nordic faux fur princess hat, yet another stylish and warm winter hat designed by Betmar for women. This hat features a faux fur cuff and is available in 5 stylish colors.
  • North Face Woman's Boulder Peruvian Beanie, this South American inspired patterned hat has micro fleece interior for added warmth. It also has ear flaps and a chin strap that can be tied for extra warmth. This hat is designed more for warmth than style.
  • North Face Woman's Chantal Hat, this warm. knit hat is available in 3 colors and is designed in a stretchy and one size fits all style.
  • North Face Chunky Knit visor beanie, this heavy knit chunky and warm hat for women comes in 4 colors.
  • Under Armour Woman's Stripe Beanie, this functional beanie made for woman is a one size fits all hat and is available in two colors. With HeatGear mesh lining, this hat is designed with the on the go and athlethic woman in mind.
  • Under Armour Woman's Artic Beanie, this is another functional beanie that comes in one size and 4 colors. It also has a HeatGear lining and is also designed with the active, athletic woman in mind.

As you can see, there are quite a few options available to woman as far as hats go. They range from the very stylish to the very functional. One thing that they all have in common is that they are all designed to keep the head warm in cold weather.