Winter fashion can be difficult due to bitter temperatures. Layering is a must, which can result in a bulky shape if you are not careful. However, dressing fashionably in the winter is not an unattainable dream. The key to dressing warmly and fashionably is to pay attention to layering, clothing shapes, and clothing material.



Start with a base layer. Consider what you will be doing before dressing. For a normal day in a heated room, fewer layers are necessary. For activities outdoors, the base layer is much more important. The actual temperature of the day is also an important factor. A base layer can mean the difference between feeling great all winter and frequent illnesses. 


Suitable base layers for indoor activities include:



Warm socks

Tight-fitting long-sleeve tee or turtleneck



Suitable base layers for outdoor activities include:

Tight fitting long-sleeve tee or turtleneck


Insulated pants (such as long johns)

Insulated shirt

Thick socks

For outdoor activities, try to stick to warm fabrics, such as wool and other animal furs and synthetic fibers that trap heat.


Over your base layer wear your main outfit. This should also depend on your activities. If you will be outdoors, stay away from skirts, unless you want to wear pants under them. Indoors you can wear pants or skirts. Use the rule of proportions for your main layer. Choose one half of the outfit to fit close to the body and one to have a looser fit. If you wear skinny jeans, throw on a looser sweater. If you wear a long skirt, try a fitted turtleneck up top.


Use layering on top of the main outfit to add fashionable flair. A furry vest can provide a warm and fashionable top layer. A patterned scarf can add flair to an otherwise boring outfit. A cardigan can make any outfit look better. Try adding a blazer over work outfits.


Pull your outfits together with accessories. Note the main colors in your outfit. Pick one accent color that coordinates with the outfit and use that color in your accessories. A belt can add shape to bulky sweaters. Earrings make any outfit look more pulled-together. Bracelets and necklaces add texture and color to dull outfits. Wear gloves or a cozy hat to keep warm and fashionable at the same time. If you didn’t add a scarf before, consider adding one now.


Wear shoes appropriate to the weather and what you will be doing for the day. Wear pumps or classy boots to work. Outdoors, wear waterproof boots and shoes. On a casual day, throw on sneakers or casual boots. Make sure the shoes either match the style of the outfit, a color in the outfit, or are in the same color family. For example, if you have earthy tones in your outfit, choose shoes that are brown or have orange or red tints. You can also use your shoes to make a statement, such as wearing red shoes with an all-black outfit.


Throw on a fashionable coat over the entire ensemble, and you are done! A classic trench coat always looks good, as do other classic coat styles. Stay away from puffy coats, which can add bulk. Longer coats tend to look more fashionable than short coats.