You just advanced the theory that negative thinking is more powerful than positive thinking. Did you read the article, "The Power of Positive Thinking"? You should. The truth is that negative thinking is a powerful force. It grabs people, draws them in and leaves destruction in its wake. Why though? It's easier. There is a strange truth, however, despite the power of negative thinking and negative actions, negativity is not the most powerful force. Positive thinking is.

Think about this for a moment: a tornado can do an immense amount of damage in Wichita, Kansas. The only reason why anything can be destroyed there is because the residents have built the city over time. They have enjoyed the area and have built the ninth best place to live in America. Their positive actions have built the largest city in Kansas, known as a cultural and entertainment center. Pizza Hut and White Castle were founded there. This despite the threat of damage that a tornado might bring. The city has experienced F4 and F5 tornadoes in the past. Rather than quit the area, the people have rebuilt and improved after each event. They will do so again in the future. Count on it. The residents have the power of positive thinking and can endure the periods of negativity, like they always have.

It can be very hard to remain positive. Humans are conditioned to respond to negativity and even to seek it. Destructive tendencies capture many people and use them up. Economic conditions sour on a mere hint of a problem. Scandal often rocks the careers of politicians, athletes and celebrities. Poverty abounds in many areas of the globe. "You don't know the *power* of the Dark Side", Darth Vader, 1983. Actually, humans know well the "*Power* of the Dark Side". They endure regardless. The positive advances of civilization are often triggered by responses to negativity. Polio was horrible but Insulin was invented. Smallpox was horrible but a vaccine was found. Floods are horrible but dikes can be constructed. Humans often know what to do to mitigate the negativity or they positively respond to it later. The problem is often that humans know how to prepare for negative events like tornadoes or hurricanes but the preparations are sadly inadequate. For New Orleans, the preparations for Hurricane Katrina proved woefully inadequate as were the responses. People are committed to better handling the next huge hurricane.

An entire industry of motivational speakers has been developed to help boost positive tendencies in people. Various coping techniques are presented to an eager, if not desperate, group of people. As well, many medical aids have been invented to alter perceptions of negativity. Unfortunately, many of these "cures" are at least as dangerous as the conditions they purport to address. Those depressed people should be wary of the consequences and side effects of these medications. "Power of Prayer", counseling and similar alternative treatments should be considered before drastic medical interventions.

In the entertainment world, it often seems like negativity prevails. Publications such as the National Inquirer, Star and the Globe thrive on reporting the worst aspects of news, often graphically. They reported on the singer Britney Spears in a proportion of about 15 negative articles for each 1 positive article. Is Britney as bad as they say or was she unable to rise above the published vitriol? The same can be asked about Linsay Lohan. From her start as an innocent child model and actress in Disney films, her life has been almost continually on display to the public. Pressure was brought to her life by the press. She has suffered some of the worst negative experiences ever reported. Her turmoil of negativity, and rise in publicity in the tabloid pages, started in about 2004 when she was barely 18 years old. The years since have been a continual descent into the depths for Lindsay. Time will tell whether she can come back up or even survive. If she does, her success will likely be sparsely covered in the tabloids that have paid so much attention to her troubles.

Luckily, the entertainment industry provides many more positive highlights to our society. Popular music titles from The Beatles include "All You Need is Love", "Getting Better" and "Good Day Sunshine" and more songs that emphasize the positives of love, life and happiness. Queen produced "Somebody to Love". Simon and Garfunkel released "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". John Lennon made a uplifting songs such as "Give Peace a Chance" and "Imagine". Songs like these became his passion and were a marked departure from some of his earlier collaborations from darker times in his life. Ironically, though, while he espoused peace, love and happiness when he wrote "Imagine", he was tragically murdered in 1980. This horrid crime stunned two generations of people who enjoyed Lennon's music. But even from this extremely negative event, people have slowly recovered. Strawberry Fields was created in New York's Central Park as a memorial to John Lennon. His fans come to the site to pay homage and tribute to the man who symbolized a positive movement before he was killed. Strawberry Fields is visited by legions of fans on the anniversaries of Lennon's birth and death. The spirit of the gatherings is of absolute Peace and Love.

Although people have and will experience episodes of absolute negativity and tragic consequences, they should always remember that the Natural Order brings rebirth, revitalization and progress in all things. Although it is known to be "darkest before the dawn", as Winston Churchill stated "we shall never surrender". The human condition is to support the Natural Order and persist through, and in spite of, the negative times. The spirit in the soul can never be broken. This truth can be extremely hard to believe by those experiencing the worst of times, but true it is. The powerful forces of positive and negative are indeed monumental at times, but positive strength will prevail. Good eventually triumphs over evil. Lightness over powers darkness. Remember that in the depths of negative experiences, people will recover. After all, consider the most powerful batteries. The battery negative is ground and completely safe to touch. It is the positive post that delivers the power to start and advance the machinery of civilization.