A Warning About 3D Televisions

If you're like millions of others, you're probably interested in getting the latest and greatest electronic gadgets. Once the flat screens came out, everyone wanted one, but they were very expensive. As the prices went down, more and more people opted to purchase these flat screen televisions as they became more accessible to the average American family. Blu-ray was the next hottest thing in electronics. This technology was developed by a group of electronic manufacturers, including but not limited to Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony. Technology continued to improve and evolve and before we knew it, we bypassed Blu-ray and jumped right into 3D TV. Everyone wants to buy a 3D TV now because it's touted as the latest and greatest. Before you run into your local electronics store, do your research first.

With the easy availability of the internet, it's easy to read reviews for 3D TVs. There are many online reviews that cover just about every model of 3D television that you can almost certainly find the one that you're interested in and research it thoroughly before you buy it. Consumer reviews have more useful information than manufacturer reviews, although it's a good idea to read both before you make a purchase decision.

3D TV is still an interesting concept; most people have grown accustomed to going to their local movie theater when they want to watch a 3D movie. Now, this technology is available for use in the home and can be enjoyed anytime you want it. Now, you could always rent a movie in 3D and wear glasses when you want to watch it, but 3D movies are limited. When you get a 3D television, you can watch anything you want to in 3D, right? Wrong.

3D Technology Only Works With 3D Formatted Movies

Boy were many people shocked when they went and spent so much time reading 3D TV reviews until they found the perfect television. Then, they went to the local electronics store or decided to buy 3D TV online. The TV arrived and they went to play their favorite movie and got a big surprise: the 3D television will not play in 3D mode without a 3D formatted movie. To add insult to injury, there are actually very few 3D movies available. In a sense, the technology moved quicker than the usage, making spending big bucks on a brand new 3-D enabled television a waste of money, unless you don't mind watching the same few movies in 3D over and over again. But it doesn't stop there; they found another surprise...

You Must Have The Correct 3D Glasses To View 3D Television

In their quest for a new television and in the midst of the excitement, unknowing consumers scan the aisles, looking to buy 3D glasses to go with their new TV. They scour through dozens of makes and models and try to judge which will be the most comfortable, work the best or provide the clearest view. Some choose 3D glasses based on how they look on the outside, which makes sense considering that these glasses will be worn on their face. 

So they get home, hook up their new 3D television and put on their new 3D glasses and get another big surprise. They realize that their 3D glasses will not work with the new TV. This is because the 3D glasses need to be compatible with the television in order to work. Unfortunately, TV manufacturers are proprietary as one would expect and charge an astronomical amount of money for these 3D compatible glasses. So the glasses need to be returned and new glasses need to be purchased, otherwise the 3D television feature is unusable. 

Even once these hurdles are overcome by the consumer, the selection of 3D movies are very limited. You can buy 3D movies online but even then, your selection is limited and you will find the movies to be unreasonably expensive. The prices will probably drop over time, once the newness wears off, but the selection will still be limited.

The bottom line: If you're going to spend money on a new 3D TV, make sure you are aware of the requirements necessary in order to enjoy this up and coming technology. If you don't you could be sorely disappointed with your purchase. I think the technology is still a bit too new to invest any significant money in. I'm quite happy with my crystal clear flat screen television; I have no reason to go out and buy yet another new television.

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