Attorneys are like doctors, they hold your life in their hands in times of legal needs. They can either save your life, or sign your death sentence. So, just like paying the best for your medical care, you should always look for the best attorney you can have. You would not want a bad attorney on your side especially if it is your life that is hanging on the line. So, how can you know if you hired a good or bad lawyer?


Here are the signs of a bad attorney that every client should watch out for:


1. Communication is very important between a client and a lawyer. If your lawyer doesn't respond to your messages, doesn't answer you call, or doesn't even communicate with you about the proceedings of your case, Drop him! A good lawyer knows the importance of communication and the role it plays to win the case. A good lawyer always makes sure to update the client if any changes happen or about any matter that can affect the case.

 2. A bad attorney always has an excuse for everything. Being late, not filing a petition, late paper works, no good results about your case, and so on. If your lawyer failed to submit an appeal or certain paper works for court, it will greatly affect your legal case; that should serve as a big neon sign that you're wasting your money on a bad lawyer. Furthermore, there are some cases wherein the lawyer doesn't process your case and it took months to years before you received an outcome, but in the end, you still have to pay him tons of money for his fee.

 3. A good lawyer always do his best to make a good name and get good references. If you do deep research before hiring a lawyer, you would find out that there are lawyers who are famous in the neighborhood because of their accomplishments and the way they handle their clients and cases. But often times, we tend to hire the first lawyer we meet that promised us 100% positive result, we forgot to check his background. Ask around and do a little research, a bad lawyer can't hide his history of bad reputations and unsatisfied clients.

 4. And lastly, when a lawyer promises you vengeance, assures you a 100% win, and tells you everything that you want to hear, most probably than not, he is a bad attorney. A good lawyer always exudes professionalism and makes it clear that their role is to give you legal advice, not promises that they can't be sure they can fulfill. Good lawyers know that there are no cases that can be won 100%, and make sure that they can provide the best solution to their clients, even if it means that they have to settle with an agreement with the opposite party.


Always remember that lawyers give advice to their clients after studying all the facts and data regarding the case. They do their best to reach a common point that their client can benefit without putting their reputation in a bad situation. Bad lawyers promise, lie, are tardy, and unprofessional whether in front of their clients or their colleagues. If you are paying a bad lawyer now, it's not too late to drop him and find yourself a good and worthy one.