EDC or everyday carry items are a pocket sized emergency preparedness kit

Imagine yourself in this type of situation: You happen to be at work and you leave your work area to go and use the rest room.  While you are in the rest room an emergency situation happens, and you've got to leave now. Maybe it's a fire, or maybe it's a terrorist attack, or it could even be a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tornado.  Whatever the situation is, you have to leave now, and you don't have the time to return to your work area to gather your belongings.

The worst part is that you left most of your stuff at your work area during the evacuation. What did you leave behind? Your wallet or purse, which has your driver’s license, cash or credit cards? Your cellular phone or maybe the keys to your vehicle or perhaps your bus pass? The only things that you have with you are the items that are in your pockets.

How would you get back home? How could you phone your family to find out if they are safe and sound?

Now is the time to get ready for such an emergency survival situation. You should begin thinking about the things that you need in order to get home, or to a safe place, or at least until you can reach your bug out bag. These are items that are small and light enough to keep in your pockets and not weigh you down. These things will help you during an emergency and not get in the way of your day-to-day activities.

There items are called EDC, or Every Day Carry items. There are some things that you should always have on you, the gear you can't ever be without.

Everyday Carry ItemsCredit: Thirteen of Clubs

Here is a list of the necessities that you should always have with you at all times:

1. Spare set of keys

If you don't keep your main set of keys in your pockets already, then you should at least keep a spare key to your car and house with you. This will allow you to safely get home if you lose your main set of keys.

2. Extra cash

Keep a little cash with you which isn’t stored in the same place that you normally put your money. That way if you lose your wallet or purse, at least you will still have a little money as a backup. Maybe you could keep an extra twenty in your shoe, belt or key ring container. It is suggested that you have an extra fifty to one hundred dollars with you in fives, tens, and twenties.

3. Pocket knife

A knife is always a useful tool to have with you. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can perform many tasks. When choosing a pocket knife keep in mind that some of them are kind of heavy and bulky. Choose a pocket knife that is not very heavy so that it will not weigh you down in you day to day activities.

It is suggested that you choose a knife that has several blades, or maybe you can choose a small multi-tool. A survival knife with just one blade will be limited in its use, and if it breaks then it will become totally useless.

Keep in mind that knives are prohibited in some places, and some knives could be illegal in your area if the blade is larger than four inches long. If this is the case you should replace the pocket knife with a tool that isn’t prohibited or illegal.

4. Flashlight

Flashlights can be very useful if the lights go out, or if you have to leave during the night. Today you can get LED flashlights that are very small and lightweight. Some of them are so small that they designed to fit on a key ring.

5. Cigarette lighter

Starting fires is always important in a survival situation. Cigarette lighters are pocket-sized and can be taken with you pretty much where ever you go. They can start fires, or provide you with an emergency light source if you lose your flashlight, or it runs out of power.

6. Compass

Today you can get compasses that are small enough to fit on a key chain. They can be invaluable for getting your bearings if you are in a building, or if you can’t figure which way is north.

7. Whistle

If you are trapped in a building, or if you are injured to the point that you can not yell for help, then having a whistle can prove to be very useful. Keychain sized whistles are available and very loud.

These are the basic necessities that you can easily keep in your pocket and take with you where ever you go. They are small, light weight and they generally stay out of the way unnoticed until you need them. They can prove to be very useful in an emergency situation, and could even save your life.