There are many many members of Warrior forum. While not everyone contributes, there are quite a few noticeable names who have accrued thousands of forum posts. This didn't happen overnight. Instead, this accruing of posts happened as a result of their contributions to the forum and community. It is not so uncommon to see very lengthy posts of substance here.

The Warrior Forum has multiple sub-forums, and is organized in a manner that is very inviting to newcomers. One can easily find and navigate to any section of their choosing and contribute as much or as little as they'd like.


At this time, I can't think of any cons to list.

Full Review

Appropriately dubbed "The #1 Internet marketing Forum Since 1997", upon entering this forum it is completely noticeable why exactly this would be the case. With over 174,000+ current registered members, its also not so unlikely to see well over 1,000+ members logged on at any one time. This forum is sub-divided into 19 other sub-forums that are appropriately named for organizational and navigational purposes.

From a casual onlooker, to a seasoned internet marketer, there is something in this forum for just about anyone. From viewing the latest WSO (Warrior Special Offers) to exploring the wonderful world of Adsense, PPC, and SEO, the knowledge found here is unparraleled by just about any other forum I have ever visited, in any niche. Not only has this forum been helpful, but it is not so uncommon to frequently see other fellow "Warriors" (the suitable designation for all members of the forum, whether active or not) seeding the fruits of their internet marketing ventures into future Internet marketers.

While of course everyone wants to make a living themselves, those successful "Warriors" have created entire new threads in order to offer free things (even some with great monetary value) with, believe it or not, no strings attached. At one time, I can recall a gentleman offering to seed a generous portion of his earnings towards fellow "Warriors" who could use it more than he needed it. With that said, he handed out 10 separate amounts of $100 to random people who had never met. This was a very generous action, and one that I'm sure that gentleman would never have expected to be recognized for so publicly.

The impact of the Warrior forum has taught up and blooming Internet Marketers quite a few tricks of the trade. This community has clearly fostered growth, while also emphasizing the importance of creating products that truly provide value and are priced in accordance with that perceived value.

In Closing

Whether you are a seasoned Internet Marketing Veteran, or an up and rising Newbie Internet Marketer, I highly suggest that you visit this forum. It only takes seconds to become a member, but the lesson learned and experiences gained, are absolutely invaluable.

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