Millions of people around the world develop skin problems, some of these problems are off major concerns and some are off minor concerns. One of the most common skin problems that Americans develop are warts. These warts are not a cause for major concern, and cab be treated as common skin problems, because millions of Americans will develop a wart at least once in their lifetime.

A wart is a small growth like features on the skin, and more commonly defined as non-cancerous or benign. Even though most of these warts are completely harmless, it’s highly embarrassing to people especially if these warts are growing on their face, neck, hands or feet. Warts appear just about on any part of your body and are generally quite unattractive so it’s not common to find people wanting to remove them.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as is more commonly known these days is the gene that causes warts. Warts come in various shapes and form with genital warts being the most common kind. Some of these warts are contagious and can spread from person to person, and some are not. It doesn’t necessarily mean that coming into contact with a contagious person that you will contract the virus, it all depends on the type of wart and the health and condition of your skin on whether you’ll contract the virus from touching someone else’s wart.

The most common question asked is who is susceptible in getting warts, and the answer really is that just about anyone can get a wart. Warts are very common in adults, elderly and even children. Sex, age or race, everyone is susceptible in developing a wart. The good news is that most of the warts are completely harmless, though some are very painful. A wart's place determines just how painful they are, and for that reason, some people prefer wart removal treatment.

There are several kinds of warts:

Common Warts – one’s that grow anywhere on the body but more commonly found on hands. These rise above the skin and have a rough surface.

Flat Warts – most commonly found on face, neck, hands and wrists, and is flat and smooth.

Filiform Wart – most commonly found near the lips or on eye-lids, and distinguished by its finger like appearance.

Genital Warts – warts that are commonly found on male and female private parts.

Mosaic Warts – found on hands and feet soles, easy to distinguish as these are tightly grouped clustered warts.

There are several options available today if you would like to have your wart removed. There are wart removal creams, wart removal laser treatments, and wart removal surgeries. You need to contact your local physician or dermatologist, who can check your wart as well as advising you on the best treatment options available. Depending on the type of wart you have and the treatment available for it, your medical insurance will cover it.


If you do not have adequate health insurance coverage, there are over-the-counter treatments or anti wart creams available for you and most of these treatments are pretty affordable. But before you go and buy these treatments at your local pharmacy store, it’s advisable that you go and see your local physician first and let them guide you on the best step forward, be cautious when treating skin conditions.

I hope that this article will introduce you to the basic information and understanding about warts, as always, it’s advisable to contact your nearest professional healthcare provider if you would like to have more information on warts, the complications that may arise from them and any wart removal options that are now available. You can also find lots of information online by searching for it on the internet.