L62 Knight

Pic of my Lvl 62 Knight donning Lvl 60 armor set. BR has increased from 44, 505 to 56, 010. 

What is Wartune?

An MMO (massive multiplayer online) game where you can complete tasks as either an archer, mage or knight.

Each class has their pros and cons. Most of the players have a preference towards certain classes especially when it comes to MPDs (multi-player dungeons), Group Arena, Treasure Maps and other multi-player activities.

My first and main character is a female knight that lives in the Erandel region of Balenor. I also have a mage* and archer, both female, that live in the Murken Forest region.

*The Mage has made the move to Erandel.

Essentials to Survival

item list

Items in storage.

Left: Items stored in Guild Safe/Vault.

Right: Items stored in personal storage.

As straightforward as gameplay is, you will encounter players with a harmless looking facade. Just because they have a low level doesn't mean they are weak. A player's BR (Battle Rating) is the determinant of their strength.

Low levels with high BRs are known as level campers. They're awesome for their determination but a major pain when encountered in BG (Battle Grounds). So here are some essentials that should give you a fighting chance against other players with high BR.

Armor and Trinkets

A good practice is to obtain every piece of a single armor set. Having all pieces will grant bonus stats as well as abilities. Full sets consist of a Helm, Necklace, Body Armor and Weapon [see image of knight at top].

The grade is displayed by the color of the lettering. White through blue is considered low level but will suffice till something better comes along. Purple is great because they provide high attributes and stats; plus bonus attributes when all are together.

The same applies to Trinkets which are rings and jewels used to boost ATK and HP stats. Obtaining trinkets and armor sets that are on your character's level is a plus. Even more so when you get your gear to orange level; aka Legendary.

An Example:
Your character is Lvl 45. You will need Lvl 40 Rings and Jewels for your character. For armour set you have two choices: PVP and PVE*.

PVP armour is obtainable through the Arena Shop and can be purchased with Insignia. PVE armour can either be earned from Nightmare mode of Lvl 40-49 MPDs or synthesized in Blacksmith using Lvl 3 Crystaloids and Synthetic Materials. To upgrade to Legendary, you will need the initial item, Lvl 40 (in this case) Legendary stones along with Epic Material Shards.

*A lot has changed since this article was published. You can no longer purchase armor from the Arena Shop; just Epic Shards. Basic PVE armour sets no longer require synthetic material in addition to Crystaloid; just Crystaloid is required.


Gems are used to boost stats and can be embedded in your Armor and Trinkets. There are three standard slots of which either one or two will be available right off the bat. To open a second or third*, you will need a Socketing Rod; can be obtained from Shop and or Guild Territory.

Of the gem selections there are eight different gems for use. Block, HP, PDEF, MDEF and Charima (Troop Count) gems are beneficial for all classes. PATK gems will only be useful to the Archers and Knights while the MATK will be useful to the Mages.

The Crit (Critical Strike) gem is probably one of those things that you can either take or leave. Many have said Crit will benefit Archers more than any class due to their heavy hitting abilities while others say it can benefit all classes.

In the pic above, you will see items that are in my storage areas. On both sides you will find gems that are in my possession. The tiny three rocks in the squares are Lvl 1 [keep these], the little mountains are Lvl 2, the faceted orbs are Lvl 3, the elongated octagons are Lvl 4, the diamonds are Lvl 5 and the plumped octagon shape (first square in Guild Safe) is Lvl 6.

*There's a fourth slot that can be activated on some of the items. This fourth slot is for embedding Legendary equipment. Correction: the fourth becomes available for unlocking once the item is upgraded to Legendary status.

Academy and Guild Skills

Skills are used to boost stats for your character. Boosting stats will increase your BR along with your chances of surviving longer against players with a higher BR. Stats that boost ATK, HP and DEF are major pluses when it comes to upgrades. Troop Count (aka Charisma) is also beneficial to boosting stats.

With the Academy, be sure to place focus on your Troops' stats too. Start with HP and DEF, then follow up with ATK.


Weird isn't it? Patience is needed to ensure you are staying on track with your goals for chosen character(s). Take the time to build up your character's stats and equipment. There's not much of a benefit to level rushing other than having access to new areas; which won't be enjoyable if you can't survive longer than 2 minutes [I've long sense changed my mind on this].

Examples of Character Goals:

  • I want my knight to be: a) a brick wall, b) heavy hitter or c) balanced.
  • I want my archer to be able to: a) end battles quickly, b) go the distance or c) balanced.
  • I want my mage to be: a) a super healer, b) heavy hitter or c) balanced.

I learned character building the hard way. After learning the ropes from some helpful veteran players, my characters are doing a little better than they were before; at the moment its mainly my Mage. A good source for inspiration and guidance would be to pay a visit to the COSMOS Wartune Blog[1].

Since the veteran players on the server that I participate on are no longer in game, I had to go elsewhere for assistance. Posts are made regularly by Cosmos and his fellow gamer friends.

COSMOS has expanded operations and is currently posting game news as well as guides through the Doly Games site [wartune dot dolygames dot com]. Just as helpful as the Wartune blog but updates are constant here[2].

Milestone Perks


Lvl 74 Mage wearing Scarlet Crest (Hair) Level 3, Scarlet Robes (Dress) Level 3, Scarlet Destroyer (Weapon) Level 2 and Burning Ember Wings Level 1. Does that 209, 890 BR mean anything?

Nope because its beefage from my sylph, my guard and my guard's sylph.

Personal BR without the fluff is pretty much around the 50K range.

When certain milestones are reached, specialty features are unlocked. As per a past patch, some milestones have been modified for early unlocking.

Soul Engraving

A feature that helps increase the potency of embedded gems. Soul Crystals are needed to do this and can be earned as early as Lvl 15. The Engraving feature unlocks upon reaching Lvl 40; could be different now.

Soul Crystals are orange diamonds (the four sided kind). Which means, once you start earning them save them up. Don't do what I did and sell them because they were taking up space.

Since joining a Guild should be available at this stage, join one and make use of the Vault feature to store items you can't utilize at the moment. Also, try to get your SE (Soul Engraving) to Level 80 as early as you can.

Fate Stones

Feature that boosts ATK, DEF and HP. Fate stones are used to increase skill points till they reach a certain level. Brutal Edge and Resistance* is what I have currently unlocked.

*Resistance has been removed and replaced with Tenacity. In addition to this change, another feature was included called Influence.


Upon reaching Lvl 40 you will be awarded your very own horse; aka mount. Though I think the requirement changed because my Lvl 30-something archer has access to the mount feature. You can upgrade your stables to unlock more mounts. Mount Training Whips are used to boost attributes of the mount which stack with your character's stats.

Endurance and Armor will benefit all classes since they boost HP and DEF respectively. The Strength stat is great for Archers and Knights while the Intellect stat is great for Mages. There are three types of mounts: 

  1. Standard: the horses
  2. VIP: Special mounts that can only be unlocked by those with a VIP account.
  3. Temp/Perm: These are mounts unlocked from Mount Cards that can be obtained through Item Synthesis via Blacksmith Shop or Reward Chests via Special Events. Temp/Perm is in reference to the mount card's duration.


They pretty much function as assistants in battle. In standby they can attack opponents on their own. When "Summoned" you can determine the type of attacks they use.

Much like mounts, some sylph's stats stack with the character's stats. Like your armor and trinkets, these guys can be upgraded to certain levels; white, blue, purple, etc. In order to do this you will be needing lots of Mahra (blue orbs) and Sepulchrum (green orbs).

Sylphs now have gear (armour) that can be synthesized (forged) in the Blacksmith Shop via Sylph Equipment shards. It takes 400 shards to forge one item which means it will take approximately 2, 400 equipment shards to form all six (6) items for one sylph.

Helpful Tips


Lvl 33 Archer. Mix matched armour set.

As you progress through the game, you will start to accumulate items that look useless because you feel you have no use for them. Rather than sell the items for gold, hold onto them.

The typical rack ups include: Fate Stones, Soul Crystals, Shadow Crystals, Mount Training Whips, Runestones, Roses, Luck Stones, scrolls, low level gems, Crystaloids, random armor pieces, Refinement Locks, VIP Tokens along with countless others.

Special currencies such as Bound Balens (BBs), Daru and Kyanite should be saved up; BBs especially. As tempting as it is to spend them to get cool items, you'll quickly discover that they will be of essential use in regards to your inventory. As soon as you rack up enough, use them to unlock additional space in your personal inventory; try to unlock spaces to page 3.

Around Lvl 15 (level requirement lowered) or so the Join a Guild option unlocks. Find one and join. Being part of a guild provides access to additional storage along with other essentials.

Words of Encouragement

The competition and mechanics can be tough at times; however, there are ways to cope and push through. Making friends is one of the best ways to get through hard times. Depending on how long they themselves have been playing, they can also function as a sort of Mentor.

Bottom line: have fun and take periodic breaks. 

Wartune Daru Calculator
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There is a portable version of the game called Wartune: Hall of Heroes. With leveling up comes access to advanced troops. Much like the online version, Daru is needed to upgrade your troops.

Its a real pain not knowing in advance how much Daru you will need to upgrade troops to a certain level. This is where the Daru Calculator comes in handy. It will actually calculate the amount of Daru needed to upgrade troops so that you can plan gameplay accordingly.
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Your mouse goes off the pad and you probably clicked on something you didn't want to click on while playing in game or messed up a design piece. This is where an extended mouse mat/pad will come in handy. The larger area gives you and your mouse room to move without the slip outs.

Leveling Up Your Character

Go Fast. Go Slow.

This is probably one of the most talked about subjects revolving around this game next to saving up items for monthly events. When it comes to leveling, it depends on your bottom line for your chosen character. I wrote about this in another article but that article has since been scrapped.

From that article, it was suggested that you take your time to build up your stats as well as gear (armour and trinkets) to the max level for your character's level. The suggestion that was made was to speed up then slow down. Current view point?

Go as slow as you can muster.  During this slow period (aka crucial build phase), take the time to collect the materials needed for future armour and trinket sets. Once you reach the level that unlocks Astrals, take the time to build up your Astral Arsenal.

Don't just focus on available slots at the moment, focus on the slots that will become available as you level up. Astrals that benefit all characters are M/PDEF (Willpower and Fortitude), Charm (Charisma/Troop Count) and HP (Brilliance). There are other astrals that can reduce damage, replenish HP after a certain point as well as increase damage dealt to opponent(s).

The max level for astrals, the last I checked, is Lvl 10. Try to get all astrals in arsenal to level 10 during your crucial build phase. Purple level astrals are best but green and blue astrals can still be utilized.

Build them up to level 10 and just feed them to their respective higher level counterparts. Aside from Purple, Orange levels are great but are difficult to come across; even more so with the Red levels.

Do the same with the Mounts, gems, sylphs and armour sets (enchantment).

Don't Rush Leveling

Lvl 62 Knight

Pic of Knight prior to upgrade.

Leveling Your Character Addendum

Seriously though, don't rush. As tempting as it is to rush level so you can gain access to cool additions that are reserved for those with a high level, just don't. Take the time to build up your gear.

In the introductory photo, I listed what my character is armed with.

LVL 60 PVE Armour Set (purely for example)

Level 60 PVE [Player vs Environment] Wyvern Armour Set would have taken forever to get if not for a little event that rewarded the set. I was able to exchange my fully enchanted Lvl 55 PVP armour set for the Lvl 60 PVE; other wise I would still have it thanks to the difficulty in getting people to help with MPDs.

Once you get this set be sure to work on building up the stats. This can be done by enchanting the pieces to their fullest; which is Lvl 18. To do this successfully you will need lots of Level 9 Luck Stones (90% success rate paired with the 10% default).

Plus you will need to have all slots open for embedding gems and the gems need to be as high as you can get them. Once you have maxed the enchanting and opened all available slots, put in some time to gather the materials needed to upgrade the armour to Legendary Status.

Rings and Jewels

Same method for upgrading applies here. As mentioned in an earlier section, do yourself a favor by saving up your Crypt Tokens. It will also help if you do Crypt Runs with Crypt Keys since they will produce double rewards.

Most of the Rings and Jewels can only be retrieved from the Crypt Shop by use of CTs; higher level gear gets expensive so save up and refrain from purchasing gold chests. In some instances you will have to be of a certain Honor Level, so participate in honor earning events and make use of Double Honor Scrolls.

Apply same practice with Insignia earning events so you can purchase legendary supplies for synthesizing legendary equipment.

To rush or not to rush... Just rush. The way things are now, its pretty close to impossible to slow level in order to build stats accordingly. However; with the new changes and current awards, its not completely needed especially if you're constantly tending to your character on a daily basis.