Lvl 42 Mage

Lvl 42 Mage wearing Apollo Aromour with Emperor Wings and Glistening Staff.

Here ye, here ye!

In another article titled Wartune Overture, focus was pretty much on survival. In-game survival has recently become top priority for players whose Battle Rating (BR) is under 100K. Back during my gameplay infancy, you could get by with just 20K BR.

My oh my how things have changed. As of recent, you will need to have a BR of 200K and higher in order to compete with dominant players. Who are the dominant players you ask?

Those with BRs pushing 190 to 200K plus. Shockingly enough, not all of them are high level players. The goal of this article, is to provide a personal review of the game based on past and present game play.


with an overview

Gameplay is relatively simple as well as straight forward. You can utilize a mouse and or keyboard in order to execute certain commands. Not sure what the general spec requirements are for playing the game on a computer but have fared well with my laptop which is a Satellite L755.

When you first enter the game, you are met with an intro screen where you choose the warrior you wish to play as from one of the three classes -- Archer, Knight and Mage. Once the warrior is selected you are given a crash course in gameplay. Once the lesson is complete you are free to do what ever, how ever.

You'll start your journey at a default location after which you are instructed to move to another location; in this case Autaric Plains. After some trial, error and loss of gold it was discovered that you don't have to move every time you reach a level milestone. After reaching the milestone where you're granted access to MP -- Multiplayer -- events, you will quickly discover a new side to the game.

At first, things will be calm but after introduction to MP events you can kiss that calm goodbye. As soon as you reach the level to join a guild, please do so and it doesn't even have to be a high ranking one. When no one else will assist, your guildies won't hesitate help.

If not learned at this point, be sure to pay close attention to your stats and only upgrade stats that are relevant to your character. Also, save up your currencies along with any and all items that come off as being useless at first glance.

Key things to hold on to and save:

  • Soul Crystals
  • Shadow Crystals (as soon as you get them, store them in guild safe immediately)
  • Fate Stones
  • Mount Training Whips
  • Crypt Keys
  • Crypt Tokens
  • Runestones
  • Refinement Locks
  • Stat Potions and Scrolls
  • Skeleton Keys
  • VIP tokens
  • Equipment pieces (green level and up)
  • Crystaloids and Refinement Crystals
  • Luck Stones
  • Level 1-2 gems (all types including those not meant for your character)
  • Soul/Socketing Rods
  • Legendary Stones and Materials
  • old armour sets (hold on to old armour sets; will be needed)
  • Insignia
  • Bound Balens (SAVE these up!!)
  • Daru
  • Kyanite
  • Amethyst...
  • ...practically any item and or material that you can't utilize at the moment

What's with this Save, Save Stuff?

Its best if you're informed now rather than later when you really need those items you so hastily sold for a couple of gold. Not everything is obvious at first when you start playing and don't really come into focus until you reach a certain point in gameplay. The biggie Save Item are the Bound Balens (formerly called Vouchers).

Browsing the shops will leave you wanting to buy-buy-buy instead of save-save-save. Yes, those shiny awesome bonus items are nice to have but there are more important things that the BBs need to be spent on: namely your Inventory. Pfff is usually the first thought but in order to house all your items that you're saving, you need to have storage space in your inventory.*

True, you can stack items up to 9999 (some of them any way) but you will start to accumulate a lot of items during gameplay and they will need some place to go. Best advice, save up your BBs and spend them on opening spaces in your inventory (from Page 1 to Page 3). The big earning activities for BBs are from daily check-ins; after checking in for x-amount of days, you will earn 100-300 BBs.

*After a revisit, BBs don't necessarily have to be spent on inventory space if you don't want to. I've expanded my inventory so that all of page one can be utilized. Was going into page two but quickly changed my mind.

As an alternative, save the BBs and use them to purchase Gem Transposer scrolls from the Shop [Lion Head Icon]. The reason for this being is that not everyone will have access to the Tormented Necropolis which at certain intervals awards transposer scrolls.


Some Locations

Where You'll Be Spending the Bulk of Your Time

At the start of game play there will be two locations and a third later in gameplay. Your Town, The Wilds and Cloud City are three locations where you'll be spending a lot of time whether you realize it or not.

Your Town

With the latest patch/update of the game, the town has a new look and feel. The Town Hall is the main focal point and building upgrades are dependent on it's level. Meaning if you want your Academy to be Lvl 80, then your Town Hall has to be Lvl 80.

Town Hall isn't just for leveling other structures. It is also utilized for collecting levies (money) every x-amount of hours. The higher the level, the more you can collect.

Left of Town Hall you'll find the Warehouse and the entrance to the Underground Mazes.* Upon completing the 100th level of the 1st Maze series, you'll gain access to the 2nd Maze series. Each run of the 2nd Maze series will cost 3 Crypt Keys.

Diagonal to the Underground Mazes, you'll find the Gold Refinery. This is where you can increase your gold production for Town Hall. Moving to the right, you'll see the Cottage which is housing grounds for the population.

The higher the level, the more troops you can have. Speaking of troops, the Barracks is where you can recruit fighters to join you in battle. There are currently eleven total fighter groups with 1-2 being unlocked after upgrading the Barracks to a certain level.

To the far right is the Tree of Ancients [ToA] which is where you can access your farm. You can plant up to four different crops but there are times when bonus crops become available through special events; like the Nether Pumpkin Event of 2013.

The Academy, located in front of ToA, is where you can upgrade stats for you and your troops. Upon reaching a certain milestone, Advanced Stats become available.

The Wilds

By clicking on the Wilds buttons, above the EXP bar, you will find yourself in an area known as The Wilds. Here you can plunder other players' towns, occupy gold mines, find treasure caches and fight monsters. It was a simple process before but ever since the update it became a challenge in itself.

You can still complete the first three items mentioned above however; when it comes to the latter, you'll quickly discover that you may need a little help here and there. There are 3 types of monsters you may encounter during your exploration of The Wilds: Monsters, Elite Monsters and Bosses. 

Monsters (10K+ BR) will be easy to defeat while the Elite Monster (70K+ BR) may call for some added help. Bosses are a definite, for players will need to have their BR in the 100K+ range and have friends that have similar stats -- or higher.

Cloud City

Debuted some patches ago, Cloud City has become the new hosting grounds for old Town Markers. Here you can find: Arena (PVP - Player vs Player), Hall of Heroes (PVE - Player vs Environment), Sylph Atoll/Arena/Exchange, Class Wars Winners, Tanks, Sky Trial, Wedding Area, Bounty Board, Circuit Quests, Treasure Maps, Amethyst Mines/Exchange, The Market along with a multitude of other things.

By multitude, I mean a bunch of stuff that requires a lot of work just to get access to. Additional features have been added which include a lot of multi-player events which are pretty much free-for-alls.

*Underground Mazes: Consists of Forgotten Catacombs, Necropolis and Advanced Necropolis

Lvl 62 Knight

My level 62 Knight In Lvl 60 PVE gear which looks just like Lvl 55 PVP gear. BR has since increased to to the 50K range.

Why is Wartune Popular?

Wartune, or Divine Comedy, is popular because you can jump right into the game and play to your heart's contempt. There are lots of players from around the world which means you will be exposed to languages outside your own. During my first couple of months on the game, I ran into players that spoke French, Spanish, Japanese and Filipino.

The above is just a sample because there were other languages being spoken in the World Chat. The French speaker was the only one I could actually respond to well; studied French previously. Needed help with the other languages but they understood what I was communicating.

Diverse community of players aside, one of the main draws was the friendly as well as helpful atmosphere. Players didn't hesitate to advise nor mentor other players in proper character building and gameplay. Not only that but there was friendly competition.

To top it off, you can play the game for free. Want bells, whistles and a buffet car? Pay some dough to get access to VIP content which includes but isn't limited to: special mounts, prize wheel, free cool downs and a bright shiny VIP badge.

The Review

Goods and Bads

Overall the game and gameplay are amazing. There's a nice balance of elements that don't weigh heavily in either direction. Character gear and attributes are easy to upgrade.

Gameplay is simple and to the point. Despite the loads of awesome stuff that players have access to, there are some drawbacks that will leave some grating their teeth. One of the top complaints is in regards to VIP and how some of the deal packages don't really live up to the hyped advertisements.

Another issue pertains to useful events that many look forward to because of the awards offered. The events either aren't held at all, aren't held as scheduled, are held for a brief amount of time or require the throwing away of precious items just to get awards; throw away as in not consumed.

Then there are the MP [multi-player] events that, again, many look forward to due to the awards. Battlegrounds was once a favorite event of mine till the scale started to tilt in an unpleasant direction. The name is understood but there are participants that go about it as if they have nothing better to do than attack other players on a repeated basis.

Its called Battlegrounds for a reason isn't it? Yes it is however not all participants objectives revolve around attacking other players. There are carting opportunities for collecting valuable materials and this simple task becomes a nightmare when your character is caught in another's crosshairs.

Based on some forum posts, many have stated that characters are grouped in accordance to their level which really isn't good considering that BR plays a huge factor in a character's strength. There's also an increasing need to complete MPDs -- Multiplayer Dungeons --  in order to obtain the needed materials to synthesize PVE armour sets along with their Legendary upgrades.

When it all winds down, Wartune can be seen as a game that you can take or just leave. The negatives of the game are easily overlooked, to an extent, because there are other ways of obtaining the needed items. The items will take a little longer to obtain but you will still obtain them.

Character Building


My Lvl 50 Mage without Special Gear

Its important to build your character(s) accordingly. Above is my Mage character who is Level 50. She is currently equipped with a mishmash of Level 40 and 50 gear items.

Since I'm sort of slow-leveling, work is in progress for getting a complete set consisting of level appropriate gear. PVP gear was done a way with some time ago, so I have to gather material for synthesizing Level 50 Armor; namely a Helm, Weapon and Necklace is needed.

Afterwards are the rings and jewels which are obtainable from the Crypt Shop by way of Crypt Tokens which can be earned through Forgotten Catacombs and Fishing. Below is a pic of my Mage with Special Gear which was all earned through special events and upgrading. I should also mention that I have an active sylph (Iris - which works great for my mage) whose stats stack upon mine.

Iris is equipped with two (2) sylph equipment items which have been enchanted and embedded with sylph gems. Based on calculations, having her equipped boosts my BR (Battle Rating) by 11K+. As a heads up, Sylph Equipment shards (used to synthesize sylph equipment) isn't really available till like a higher level.

However; I earned some shards [800 or so] which was enough to forge two pieces of equipment for my sylph. At the moment, my standard stat build is quite pitiful; 27K-ish.


Lvl 50 Mage with Special Gear; BR increases by 1K+

Bound Balens and Inventory Space

There has been lots of talk about using BBs [Bound Balens] to open extra inventory space. Initially, at the start of this writing, I was all for it but have since changed my tune. Have ample storage is ideal however; you wind up losing focus on your items.

I have one full page of personally inventory space of which is organized to group gems and other special items together. Since I'm in a guild, I put all the extra stuff in the Guild Safe. I have items that I can't utilize at the moment in storage there along with items I'm trying to save up for future events; like Love Thy Mount, Soul Engraving, etc.

Below you'll find the amount of storage space I have at my disposal -- two (2) full pages. On the left you'll see a collection of items, majority of which can't be utilized right now. With the limited space, I've been forced to focus on what is really needed and toss what isn't.

I've even shrunk down my gem inventory by upgrading them into higher levels which take up less space. Truth be told, the only reason they are cluttered is because I'm seriously lacking in socketing rods [used to open slots in armour gear].

As mentioned some where towards the top, save your BBs for Gem Transposer scrolls [unlocks the ability to upgrade gems to high levels]. Focus on the transposers that are relevant to your character -- PATK for Archers and Knights and MATK for Mages. Having high level gems embedded will definitely come in handy for everyone; slow and standard levelers alike.


These are all items collected and earned from special events.

This way to Balenor!

Balenor is the name of the land where the game takes place. My main access to the game is through R2 Games. There are three characters at my disposal on three different servers.

At the moment I've decided to retire two of the three and just focus on one. Servers are merging and top tier veteran players are starting to disperse. Its a fun game to play but unfortunately some players take the game a little too seriously.

There are other sites outside of R2 Games that host the game Wartune. Facebook, Kabam, Kongregate Games and Wartune dot com are examples of such sites. Even better, there's a mobile version called Wartune: Hall of Heroes that can be played on mobile devices.

Hope you enjoyed this little review. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section. Till next time, keep gaming.


Rated: T for Teen

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