Warzone tower defense is a fun game that allows players to build mazes out of blocks and weapons to stop enemies from reaching their tower. This game can be played on many different websites and even on Facebook on Mindjolt Games. This article will teach you basic strategies for Warzone Tower Defense.


The object of this game is to protect your tower from incoming enemies. There will be ground enemies and air enemies depending on which gametype you choose. This strategy guide will talk about Warzone Tower Defense with ground and air. There are many different ways you can prevent enemies from reaching your tower but building mazes is one of the most important ways.


Use blocks and weapons to create a maze to your tower so that it will slow down incoming enemies. This is vital to survival in Warzone Tower Defense because the longer it takes an enemy to get to your tower, the more damage you can do to it. Try different strategies on different maps with different mazes and see which works best for you. When using blocks to create a maze, make sure that you have some sort of weapons near them so that the enemies will still be taking damage while going through your maze.

Upgrading Weapons

Upgrading weapons in Warzone Tower Defense is very important because as you progress through the game, the waves of enemies have more and more health. Upgrading your weapons will make them much stronger and allow you to do much more damage in a short amount of time while playing Warzone Tower Defense.


There are many different gametypes for Warzone Tower Defense like default, quick cash, 2x cash 2x difficulty, etc. In most of the basic gametypes on Warzone Tower Defense, you will gain cash each time you kill an enemy. You will use cash to purchase weapons, blocks and upgrades. You will need to make sure that you use your money wisely because the enemies will get stronger and you will need to make sure that you have enough resistance to stop them as they come.


Killing air enemies in Warzone Tower Defense can become difficult since you cannot create a maze to slow them down. You must make sure that you constantly have enough weapons to take down all incoming air enemies. All air enemies will go in the same general direction towards your tower so learn each level and create your air resistance accordingly. There are also weapons that can attack ground and air enemies. These weapons are key to getting a high score in Warzone Tower Defense. As you are building your maze, create weapons that can attack ground and air enemies near the air enemy path. This will help you build your maze, and allow more air and ground resistance. Upgrade these weapons as soon as possible so to help fight off the enemies coming towards your base. The best weapons to use for this is the Plasma Cannon and the Pulse Emitter.


In Warzone Tower Defense, you cannot block the path of your enemies towards your tower because that would be unfair. You can however juggle ground enemies back and forth on the map by using strategically placed blocks or weapons. To do this, you must build a maze and block off one end of the maze with a block and as the enemies go through, delete that block and block off the other end of the maze. This will cause the enemies to change directions going towards the hole that you have just created. Before they break loose, delete the previous block that you made and add one in the same place. This takes precision timing but once you get the hang of it, it will become much easier for you.

Nukes, E.M.P and Bombs

These weapons can be used at any time if you have the correct amount of cash in Warzone Tower Defense. These weapons are vital to survival and will each help you in a special way. Nukes have a very large radius and cause a huge amount of damage. They will cost you 1000$ but can save your tower at the last second if necessary. Nukes are great for use on air enemies. E.M.Ps have a small radius but will slow down enemies and allow you to do much more damage in a short period of time. If used correctly, E.M.Ps can slow down air and ground enemies at the same time. Bombs are a last resort in Warzone Tower Defense. Bombs are similar to the Nuke but cost much less, have a small radius and cause a small amount of damage.

There are many different strategies that you can use for Warzone Tower Defense but these have seemed to work best for me. Try different strategies in each map on Warzone Tower Defense and see what works best for you. Have Fun!