As I walked down the aisles of the many pet supply stores nearby, I couldn’t get over just how many dog beds for large dogs looked so cute and cuddly, with formed sides and backs, but not very practical.

I know we all want our pooches to have the best and be comfortable on the floor while we sit on our couches, but the reality is that dogs get dirty from outside, and find all kinds of lovely things to roll in, and then they lay in their beds.

You can spend a lot of money on these comfort zones for your pet, but as I tried to get rid of the smelly doggy odor in my house, I realized they just are not practical.  Many of them look like couches and have foam bolsters all around them to keep them in, and foam underneath them to keep them comfy, but from personal experience, that foam does not keep its shape and absorbs wetness and stains and all kinds of nastiness from your dogs coat, body and paws. 

I was getting tired of trying to find extra large dog beds for my pooch that looked amazing for a few weeks then ended up in the trash because washing them was just not practical.  Many of the formed foam ones will have zippers and will tell you that they come off to be laundered, but have you ever managed to get one of those formed covers off?  Even if you do, the foam is stained and just as stinky as it absorbs everything too.

My dog ends up half on the floor and half on the bed anyways, so I decided that the bolsters and all the “cuteness” was just not necessary, as my dog Sasha simply didn’t care and ended up getting too hot anyway.  I searched and found a few ideas that would work and I purchased one of these and have not looked back.  I wash it every couple of weeks and it looks as good as new and goes through my washing machine and dryer with no problem as one piece.

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Midwest Quiet Time 35-By-23-Inch Paw Print/Fleece Reversible Pet Bed, Blue
Amazon Price: $47.99 $24.04 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 15, 2015)

Large Dog Beds - Easy Wash

This is the perfect example of a pet mat that is comfy and warm and yet so easy to throw in the wash.  Why make life so complicated?  I was really getting tired of trying to take those “cute” ones apart and the smells that were absorbed to the foam below were horrid.  I wanted something that could fit in a normal washing machine and dryer and still keep its shape and remain soft.

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Orthopedic Water Proof Bed

If you are concerned that your older pooch would not get enough padding under him, them this is another option I came across.  This particular one has a waterproof inner liner, so that you simply take the denim cover off to wash and put it back on after.  The memory foam does not absorb anything because of the waterproof layer.  This was still a little fussy for me, but would still be a good option as foam is kept clean.

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Comfort Pet Crate and Nap Mat, X-Large - Tan, by Downtown Pet Supply
Amazon Price: $79.99 $31.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 15, 2015)

Crate Mat Washable

If your dog loves to sleep in his crate or you travel a lot, then this is a comfy mat or bed and can simply be thrown in the machine and comes out clean and ready.  Its not too thick, which can overheat some pets, so this is a better option than a blanket.

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Basic Quilted Dog Bed Washable

Many pooches don’t even like beds, they get hot and find them uncomfortable.  My last dog loved to sleep in our shower on the hard cold tiles at night as he was a furry dog.  So, sometimes minimal is good.  This time of quilted mat would be perfect for travel or the furniture or especially the car.  This way there is something to absorb wetness and odor after that walk on the trail and they have to climb back into the car for the trip home.  These can be laundered easily too.

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Washable Dog Couch Cover

This is another great option that I am going to purchase, as my dog and old cat quite often love the idea of the choice of the floor or the couch!  I thought this was a great idea for your furniture if you go out for the day, because in my house that is when Sasha gets on the couch, is when we are not home.  She likes to see what is going on outside the front window. 

I always try to towel off Sasha when she has been outside in the wet grass or a shower or rolling in the snow in the winter, but they are still damp and that gets absorbed somewhere.  So, I had to start thinking practical, and sorry to say the “cute” bolstered big form shaped beds were not doing it for my pet. 

After much research I discovered I was not alone in this quest.  So, if you are tired of trying to get the odors out of your house from these expensive large dog beds, then invest is something more practical.  Something that will wash quickly and dry quickly, and that doesn’t need to be taken all apart and washed in little pieces, only to be made dirty again.

Our pets don’t really care if they stink, but we do, so finding something a little more practical and totally washable works for me.  Our pet spending dollars need to get more practical, and this change was the perfect place to start.