Wash or Dry Clean Curtains?

As with most things, check  and read with care, the instructions to decideLenox Heritage Pole Top Drapeswhether your curtains/draperies can be washed or need to be dry cleaned.

Some are made of washable material, but the linings and the threads used in the sewing may shrink  in water, thus if in doubt, Dry Cleaning is the best option.

Window Curtain with pleats, or other ornamentations  should go to the dry cleaners.

If you go with machine-washing use the gentle cycle, with cool or lukewarm water, and mild detergents to be on the safe side.


Remove Dust from Curtains

Get out the ruler and  measure  curtains  first, do this;  in case you need to  stretch them back into shape, so remove hooks and such, lie flat and measure.

Next, it would be a good idea to "remove  dust from curtains"  before any kind of washing, this can be done either by putting them in the dryer, on the "no heat" cycle. 

Another method is to shake drapings outside,  lay on a flat surface and  use the vacuum brush attachment  to suck up dust particles or if you can take drapes down with ease, then air them outdoors on the clothesline.

Don't forget the curtain/drapery cords, which normally can be cleaned easily, by using a dust cloth on  instead  of wetting them as this could cause the cords to shrink.


Prepare Curtains for Washing

 Check for any loose attachments, strings or tears and either mend them first or remove. 

If you decide to hand-wash, refrain from rubbing or wring the fabric; just gently scrub and softly press out water, and when hanging dry don't let curtains rest on surfaces that may bleed or on wood which may produce stains. 

Don't overload the  washing  machine,  it  better to put the cycle on full or "large" load to give plenty of room to circulate, as curtains  often become heaver when wet.


Drying / Ironing Curtains

Remove all hooks, metals, etc, and when material is dry replace hooks, check  measurements and re-adjust if needed.

If ironing damp curtains, do so along the vertical side that doesn't show, make sure  to dampen the entire Lenox Heritage Pole Top Drapescurtain to avoid water marks.  Stretch the seams while ironing to prevent puckering, spreading the curtain on a clean wide surface while  pulling  seams to the correct size,  if puckering is noticable.

Re-hanging Curtains

Before hanging curtains back up, make sure to clean valances, by using  a vacuum for upholstery valances, for wooden use the vacuum crevice tool;  to clean a plastic valance use a sponge with a mild bit of liquid detergent and water.

When ready to rehang, have someone there to help you; one person standing on a ladder to replace the hooks and you or the other person stand below to make sure material doesn't drag on the floor.

Okay there it is, now go wash those curtains !