Can You Wash a Down Pillow?

Washing Goose Down Pillows

Absolutely, that's the answer for people who have questions about washing goose down pillows. It's entirely possible, however first you must be aware of the proper care techniques for your pillows.

Most people who purchase down pillows are aware of quality and purchase these pillows to provide for the best possible sleep and general comfort while in bed.

And since these pillows aren't typically cheap, washing them should be done with care so that you can be assured of maximum enjoyment for years to come. Most down pillows which take craftsmanship seriously, as most do with price points ranging from $30 to $200 dollars per pillow oe more, will provide care instructions directly on the pillow tag and you'll be happy to know that most down pillows can be washed with care.

Note that it isn't advisable to wash a silk covered goose down pillow as those pillows should be dry cleaned. Silk has a tendency to shrink when washed and if washed your goose down filling will be damaged as well as the silk covering the pillow.

 Everyday Care of Goose Down Pillows

 Remember to fluff your pillows everyday. Also air out your pillows on a sunny day to allow for the goose down filling to breath and aerate. Your down pillow should also be protected with protectors so that the inner down filling isn't damaged and so that you are protected from allergens like pet dander.

Please note, protection of allergens are increasingly important in pillows by the way. A great protector can give a pillow hypoallergenic properties particularly when the pillow is protected from dust, mites and other allergens.

 Washing Down Pillows: The Steps

1. Inspect your feather or down pillow to make sure there are no tears. If the down pillow has been damaged you will increase the damage to the pillow in the washer. Some times rips and tears can be repaired. If your down pillow is expensive you might want to take to the dry cleaner for repair, prior to washing.

2. Wash one or two feather goose down pillows at a time. Don't overload your washer with other clothing or household products you may need to wash.

3. Make sure the washer machine is on the gentlest cycle. This will help to protect your down pillows from excessive wear that washers can cause.

4. Use a mild detergent and never use bleach for your feather pillows. Treat your feather pillows as a second skin, as that is essentially what feathers are.

5. Place your pillows in the dryer. Note that they will take longer to dry than a normal clothing. Tennis balls can help fluff your pillows in the dryer. Dry towels can also aid in drying quickly.

6. Take your feather pillows out and fluff them by hand during the drying cycle. Remember to feel for clumps and flatten out with your hands as you don't want your pillow to dry and end up with clumpy down or feathers.

See, washing goose down pillows is not only possible but effective and not to mention cheaper than taking to the dry cleaner every couple of weeks.