Washing Your Car So That It Shines

Who doesn't love driving around in a car that people drop their jaws to when they drive by? The truth of the matter is that it's not only the type of car your driving that makes them turn their heads as you drive by, but how clean the car looks. Realistically you could be driving a corvette, but I guarantee you won't be getting too many people adoring your car if it looks like it just came back from an off-roading adventure; however, if you happen to pass by in a Toyota corolla that sparkles like it just came off of the car lot, you will probably attract a lot of attention. Surprisingly, not many people have the knowledge on how to wash their car so it shows off its true beauty; I have seen countless people spend half an hour or more washing their car, only to drive it around with water spots all over! These skills will allow you to wash your car and drive around with it looking like you just got it professionally done. There is a phrase that staying healthy adds 5 years to your life; well this can be thought of in the same way...washing your car properly can make it look up to 5 years younger!

Use Automotive Soap

The benefits of using automotive soap rather than dish soap to wash your car can take up an entire article in themselves! However, to get to the main point, dish soaps have chemicals in them that were designed to remove the dirt and bacteria off of dishes, with no care for the dish's ceramic thereafter; whereas, automotive soaps were designed to remove the dirt from the body of your car while maintaining the wax and paint condition. If you want to get a coat of paint on your car every few years then by all means use dish soap, but if you would like to maintain the condition of your paint opt for soap designed for cars. As for the specific brands of automotive soap, it is entirely up to you; I have used many different kinds and personally have not seen a noticeable difference. As long as you are using soap designed for a car's body, the brand and type does not matter!

Divide And Scrub

You should make a conscious effort to mentally divide the car into different sections. My division is as follows: front/hood, left side, right side, back/trunk. You can divide the car in whatever way that pleases you, as long as you are taking on the job in sections. The reason for doing this is that soap dries fairly quickly, and in order to wash your car properly you must rinse off the soap before it dries. When you put soap on the whole car you simply do not have enough time to rinse the soap off of the car before it dries; by the time you have finished soaping the last part of the car, the part that you soaped first would have already dried.

After dividing the car into sections you are going to ensure that every square inch of the car's body has be rubbed over with the towel; simply letting the soap run over the spot will not remove the underlying dirt.

Rinse From Top To Bottom

Immediately after scrubbing each section of the car you should immediately grab the hose and begin to rinse. The hose should be prepared before-hand so that the soap doesn't have any chance to dry. You should rinse in the same way that you dry your body after you take a shower: from top to bottom. Imagine that you began by rinsing at the bottom of the car, when you started rinsing the top all of the soap that you would be rinsing from the top would now fall to the bottom and dirty where you have just rinsed. If you begin rinsing the car from the top, you only have to pass the hose over each area once to ensure that all of the soap has been removed.

Dry, Dry, And Dry Some More

You can scrub off every last bit of dirt, but if you don't dry your car properly it will probably look dirtier than before u had washed it. Water spots can make a Lamborghini look like a Kia. You must work fast when doing this because if the air dries some of the water, spots will be left in its place. An amazing tool for this technique is a shammy of any sort; shammys absorb the most water pound for pound than any other towel! You should have one shammy ready for the time that you finish rinsing the soap off of the car so that you can immediately begin to dry the wet spots on the car. Once the shammy has absorbed enough water, simply wring the water out and begin again. Once the shammy has absorbed the bulk of the water, use a towel to dry the moist spots on the car until the car is completely dry

TIP: Do not roll down any of the windows for at least a half an hour after washing the car; the piece of felt that sits in between the door and window remains wet for about 30 minutes after the wash so rolling down the windows will leave you with water spots all over the glass.

Following these tips will allow you to wash your car to perfection; your car will sparkle more than when you first bought it! I guarantee you that you will attract many stares when you are driving down the street with your shiny car. No matter what make or model your car is, wash it properly and it will look like a car that is worth half of a million dollars; separate yourself from the rest, and do an amazing job rather than a good job the next time that you wash your car!