Washington D.C is definitely a tourist destination as it serves as a center of various high ranking government operations in America, but also has some old fashion charm with all the heritage the city has to offer. It is one of the unique cities with a rare balance of historical sites, cultural events and the ever changing city lifestyle. With a good travel guide to follow, a tourist is able to enjoy the endless wonders of nature and the presence of political centers and museums. A single trip to the city may not be sufficient to cover the wide range sites, but one trip to Washington D.C. Is all it takes to get hooked on the city and all it has to offer.

On arrival, most visitors make a stop at the Smithsonian Institution, which serves as the information hub for museums and parks in the area. One may pick a travel guide which enables those new to the city to learn more about different sites and allow visitors to select the most interesting stops for their trip. Knowing where to go and how to get around the city is half the battle, but with so many different options available, having a plan ahead of time is always a good move.

A visit to the Washington D.C goes a long way to the realization of the American heritage, due to the presence of several national monuments and historic buildings. Viewing these historical sites is relatively easy as most are open day and night, but most of the locals suggest visiting at night as they are less crowded and are adequately illuminated to preserve a gorgeous view. In addition, you are able to see the important government buildings which include the famous White House, the Capital Building, and the Supreme Court, giving you a better understanding on how the government works today, but also how this country was founded and developed through democracy.

Washington D.C is full of parks which are spread all over the entire region, giving tourists and locals a chance to experience the natural diversity of the flora and fauna. A visit during the spring is best for nature lovers, but summer and fall are also beautiful times of the year for a visit.


There are a lot of activities that you can do ranging from taking walks with family or friends, to riding a bike while enjoying the natural breeze and terrific sites. Hiking at the Great Falls Park is one of the most interesting activities for tourists and a picnic at the 800 acre park gives everyone some beautiful views of the Potomac River. Other activities for those who like the outdoors include kayaking, rock climbing, and golf at several nearby courses.

Visiting Mount Vernon is a must as the mountain offers a complete tourist experience with several education centers and a museums. There is a variety of attractive sites to explore, including a 14 room house that dates back to 1740 that has been restored to provide a beautiful backdrop to the area and give visitors a wonderful experience of what life was like when America was founded.

Alexandria is another great stop on your visit. You will be able to view the colonial buildings, museums, and churches, just the way the founding fathers of this country intended, before the hustle of life took over.


For those looking for a more modern day approach, visiting the Georgetown area will make you feel more at home with great shopping and some of the best restaurants in Washington D.C.


With so many diverse and interesting places all in one area, this place has something for everyone and the lasting memories of your trip are something you and your family can share over and over again.