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One of the sightseeing options in New York is the seven acre area of Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site located in Newburgh on Liberty Street. This beautiful example of things to do in New York is made up of the Hasbrouck House, which was the place George Washington had a headquarters during the timeframe of the American Revolutionary War.

Two other buildings are on the property:  The Tower of Victory monument, built to celebrate the 100th year after Washington stayed there (built in 1890), and a garage constructed in 1942 in a Colonial Revival style. There is also a Minute Man statue, which was put there in 1924 by Henry Hudson Kitson as a Veteran’s Day tribute on November 11.

Washington’s Headquarters became one of the country’s National Historic Landmarks as of 1961 and is now a museum, which features information about the American Revolutionary War. It is a popular place for school groups and history buffs to visit on cheap trips to New York.

Washington’s Headquarters History

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The history of how the buildings on Washington’s Headquarters starts in 1725 when the farm house there was completed by Burger Mynderse, who then sold it to Elsie Hasbrouck. Later, it passed to her son, Jonathan and he built onto the property in 1750. It underwent more renovations in 20 years later.

Some of the changes made to the original structure were a temporary kitchen for the Army, which came in 1782 and an English style of fireplace that was put into Washington’s bedroom area. There is also another type of fireplace in the building called a Dutch Jambless style of fireplace.

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By 1850, it was bought by the state and thus became the country’s very first historic landmark that was publically run.

What did Washington Use It For?

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Hasbrouck House on the property was Washington's official headquarters from April 1782 to August 1783. He picked it because it was close to West Point, and was considered a fairly safe place. Plus, the Continental Army had 7,000 troops nearly in the area of Vail’s Gate.

When Can You Visit Washington’s Headquarters?

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If you have a New York City Pass and want to come to Washington’s Heaquarters, it is open from the middle of April to October Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; as well as Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m. Other months it is open only by appointment, which tends to be from schools and tour groups. Plus, they feature special programs there in February in honor of President’s Day.

The sight charges a range of fees dependent upon the event and the person(s). For instance, school groups are charges $3 a person as long as there are 10 or more people in the tour. Regular fees for adults are $4, with senior citizens $3 and under 12 is free. Most of the Washington’s Headquarters is handicapped accessible, including the guided tours, museum, visitor’s center, picnic areas, scenic view spots, and educational services.