Are washroom accessories important? or can a simple toilet satisfy our needs. The answer is not so simple.First of all in a public or even in a private washroom/restroom we look for a place to have a little bit of intimacy and for sure also privacy. Nowadays there is a loud discussion about the health and hygiene in public toilets or wash rooms, well the fact is a lot of people go there and some of them can have a illness of some sort that can be dangerous to others. So is there a line of standard that a wash room should meet?In my opinion there is.

Lets start with the equipment that a good restroom should have. Firstly a proper toilet and towel/tissue dispensers are a must, no one would like to use a toilet after so many people without wiping it out first.
Next a soap dispenser is also a very important piece of equipment, everyone after doing his/her stuff would like to clean one's hands, the hand dryer is a nice thing to have but it is not so important as the soap dispenser. In my opinion if there is a good towel dispenser than a hand dryer is not so important. Some mirrors are also welcomed in public washrooms, mirror is also a second degree equipment but it is always good to look at yourself before leaving the washroom. We should not forget about handicapped people grab bars are a must in every washroom, handicapped people have the same needs as we have buy without a proper equipment or someone's help they are helpless, also including some baby changing stations is a good idea to help people with small children do their stuff and, what is more important, in the same to feel safe about their treasures.

Now lets talk about how can a nicely looking and well equipped washroom help your company. The washroom is something like a temple to a worker when he goes for a quick visit to a relaxing place where for a few second he can feel peaceful and full of tranquillity. I think that I do not have to say that this is impossible in a dirty and poorly equipped washroom. Many of company owners save their money on washrooms they think that it is just a place to do one's stuff and that is all. As I said before it should be a place that welcomes you with a refreshing feeling and that can be done easily and not at all at big costs, because washroom accessories are quite cheap. Every company owner should consider buying some equipment that I have mentioned ealier.

I think that every public or company's washroom/restroom should be designed and equipped in comparison to the one you have in your own home. the accessories should resemble the standard of a private toilet in order to evoke the feelings that you feel in your own home.

Thank You!