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The Crimson Idol album by Wasp and Blackie Lawless


Good Riffs
Concept album
Great story
Charismatic vocalist voice

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Wasp - The Crimson Idol

The Crimson Idol is the fifth studio album published by Wasp. The Crimson Idol is solo album of Blackie Lawless under the name of his former band Wasp.

The album came out 1992. Blackie worked for a long time with his solo work to accomplish this concept album. The album was a Rock opera telling a touching story of Jonathan named boy who does not want to spend his life under the principles "life, work, die". His dream is to become the idol and he manages to accomplish this dream. At the beginning to live his dream he has much money, liquor, drugs and friends. In the end he realizes that his friends are not his real friends because everybody only tries to get some advantage by his expense. Jonathan is not happy to the situation. He comes depressed and wants only to be approved by his parents but after failing in his attemp he ends to commit suicide.

The story tells how cruel the music business can be. The Crimson Idol also reminds us to remember the old wisdom, be careful what you wish for, it may come true. If you would have a chance to read the story, you would probably feel it to be very good and when you consider transferring it in music form you only hope the music cannot ruin the story but The Crimson Idol album of Wasp will not let you to worry about such things.

Blackie Lawless has managed to integrate the story and the music. Using Wasp name in the Crimson Idol album does not make any bad for the reputation of Wasp. The album has long songs as the Idol, The Great Misconceptions of me and Chainsaw Charlie but unlike in many songs which will make you to feel bored and you only wait the song ending but now we have no fear of such things because the songs have long melodies and many different riffs trough the sonfs. You will probably feel the opposite and think did it end already? Of course the voice of Blackie Lawless is as charismatic as always making the connection among the early albums of Wasp and Crimson Idol to be strong.

I think The Crimson Idol by Wasp is definitely one of the best concept albums existing. I can warmly suggest you to listen the album unless you are already familiar with it. Especially if you like melodic heavy metal with strong riffs and emotianal music The Crimson Idol by Wasp is a good choice to listen while considering new bands or albums to explore.

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