•    Practical Watches – A fine timepiece will always let you know the precise tiBulova Watchesme, date and day – many of these watches shows many time zones, and many watches are packed with several features which will help you in multi-tasking such as an alarm clock, check your heartbeat, remind you for important events, and many more..
•    Stylish Watches – Watches comes in a wide array of designs, which compliments any wardrobe or style. Some timepieces are crafted so beautifully and uniquely that they become a collector’s item.
•    Impressive Watches – Timepieces from renowned and exclusive brand labels are highly praised all over the world for their excellence, class  and sophistication.
•    Heirloom Watches– Timepieces, many a times are handed over from generation to generation– and expensive, luxury, unique watches can get high value at auctions.
•    Affordable Watches– For every occasion and wardrobe, there is a timepiece, which matches all the budget and style. There are dress, diamond, leather, and many other watches, whose price varies from thousands of dollars or more. In addition, there are funky and fashionable watches, yet they are very precise watches available with a very low price tag – and there is a range of collection in between.

The movement of a timepiece advances the hands and accurately measures time. It is the engine of the modern watch. Although new technology is introduced regularly, there remain three main types of movements:
•    Manual Wind – These are mechanical watches motorized by a steel ribbon that is coiled and its wound by rotating the crown at the sidewall of a watch. These timepieces must be wound frequently or it will stop working.Invicta Watch
•    Automatic (Mechanical) Movement– These mechanical watches, many a times referred to as automatic watch, automatically when the wrist moves, and the spring provides energy to run the watch. The mechanical watch, if not used or worn for few consecutive days, it will stop functioning.
•    Quartz Movement – Electronic Oscillator is used to synchronize along with a quartz crystal, such watches with quartz crystal works from the energy gathered from a battery. The battery supports to vibrate the quartz at 32,768 counts per sec frequency. These types of quartz watches are one of the most accurate ones, since they never needs winding.
•    Solar Powered – The solar-powered watches uses luminosity from the sunlight to energize and run the quartz movement. Battery is not required in such solar watches and they need least maintenance.
•    Quarts movement watches are the most preferred watches since they have excellent accuracy, easy and need least maintenance.